Schools with PhD Programs in Oklahoma

  1. The PhD program at Oklahoma City University is available through their Kramer School of Nursing. Professional nurses with scholarly interests are trained to achieve leadership roles in education and research. This is a part-time program with a fixed sequence of courses in the curriculum. Students are required to attend campus occasionally and online-learning is a primary component of course delivery. The program is designed for completion in four years. Ensure all application materials are finalized and received well in advance of the April 1st deadline date.

  2. The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center has a PhD program available through their College of Nursing. While the main focus of the program is the preparation of highly skilled educators, nurse scientists are also equipped for research roles in private companies, healthcare systems, the military, government agencies and research facilities. This is primarily an online program with onsite attendance kept to a minimal. Certain substantive courses may be taken at compatible preceptors in your area. The program may be completed in four years by part-time students. Full-time learners will require three years to achieve their degree requirements. The final deadline date for annual applications is March 1st.

PhD Nurse Checklist

Admittance into these programs relies heavily on a stellar record of academic accomplishment. High grades throughout your educational history are important, with special emphasis placed on graduate coursework. MSN completion is compulsory but can be achieved through the available bridge programs. Schools have strict requirements and only admit a few students each year because of limited space. The entire application process is competitive and we recommend familiarizing yourself with it by contacting each school personally. Certain prerequisites are absolutely not negotiable and will require evidence. We have compiled a list of what you will need when applying to a PhD program in Oklahoma:

  • Creative written work samples must be provided. Schools will accept scholarly papers.
  • Each post-secondary school responsible for your academic progress must be requested to provide you with official transcripts.
  • Ensure that all academic pursuits are included in your latest resume; along with your entire professional history and any volunteer nursing that you may have done.
  • During graduate coursework, you will have accumulated a number of clinical hours. These must be proven, along with those acquired while practicing as an Advanced Specialty Nurse.
  • Timely attendance of a formally requested personal interview with the school is critically important. Do not schedule appointments that will hinder your availability.
  • A C grade (or higher) is the minimum score allowed for core courses in nursing theory, statistics and research completed as a graduate student. If older than five years, they will need to be repeated.
  • Timely attendance of a personal interview will be necessary. Accept the formal invitation when it arrives and ensure that no other commitments will affect your time availability.
  • Completed BSN and MSN degrees are mandatory and proof must be provided of the accreditation where they were obtained.
  • It is compulsory to own licensure that allows you to practice unrestricted as an Advanced Specialty Nurse in Oklahoma.
  • A criminal and background check is inevitable and proof must be supplied relating to your last medical checkup and vaccination schedule.
  • A well written essay on your reasons for applying to their doctoral program will be of immense interest to the school. Explain the necessity of this degree for your career ambitions to be met.
  • 3.0 on a scale of 4.0 are the absolute minimum overall Grade Point Average scores acceptable. This will depend on the school you are applying to, as some will actually require this to be no less than 3.5.