Featured DNP Programs (RN Required)

  • The Kramer School of Nursing at Oklahoma City University offers three tracks in their DNP program. Clinical Nurse Specialists, Family Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Administrators are able to further their education at the highest level. Students enter either post-masters or post-baccalaureate and courses are delivered in a classroom setting with the use of online technology. Most students obtain their degree in twenty one months of study, but it will take longer for those without their MSN. Those who submit completed application packets prior to April 1st receive priority consideration.
  • The College of Nursing at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center has a DNP program available. The curriculum focuses on preparing professional nurses as experts in Advanced Nursing Practice, systems leadership and improvement of health delivery and quality of services. This is an online program that requires rare onsite visits. Part-time students will complete the program in four years. Those studying full-time will obtain their degree in twenty eight months (or two years and four months). The final deadline date for applications is March 1st, but the school prefers them to be submitted before February 1st.

DNP Nurse Checklist

When applying to these programs, it is essential you consider the competitiveness of the application process. Space is limited to few admitted students each year, and applicants are rigorously scrutinized for suitability. Eligibility for the doctorate relies on your academic scores, especially throughout graduate coursework. Stellar grades are expected and professional achievements extremely beneficial. You will need to possess certain prerequisites and completion of your MSN is paramount. Bridge programs are offered to baccalaureates that will allow them to study their Master’s and enter the doctorate if certain scores are met. This is a list of what you will need when applying to a DNP program in Oklahoma:

  • Proof must be provided of all the clinical hours that you have accumulated through graduate coursework and advanced nursing practice.
  • Completed courses in nursing theory, research and statistics may not be older than five years with an achieved grade of C or higher.
  • You must have completed both your BSN and MSN degrees through accredited programs and be able to provide proof of this.
  • 3.0 is the lowest overall Grade Point Average score considered on a scale of 4.0. In fact, you may need at least 3.5 for eligibility in some schools.
  • Official transcripts are required from each school you have attended since graduating from high school. Request them and ensure they are delivered.
  • There will be a request for an essay about your professional ambitions. Detail your exact reasons for requiring a doctoral education and how your career objectives rely on this degree.
  • All your academic pursuits, clinical experiences and voluntary nursing work must be present in your Curriculum Vitae.
  • A full medical checkup will be required, and the results submitted to the school. Vaccinations against specific diseases must be proven. Your background and criminal histories will be investigated.
  • Your creative written work must be provided in examples that may include scholarly papers.
  • Current licensure to practice is a registered Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Oklahoma is essential and must not restrict you in any way.
  • Source three professional letters of reference from people able to recommend you for this level of academic study. Qualified doctors, clinical supervisors, academic advisors or working colleagues are good examples.
  • The school will request your presence at a personal interview. This is compulsory and you must not be late. We advise cancelling all appointments so that you are able to attend in a timely manner.