Schools with PhD Programs in Maryland

  1. Johns Hopkins University has a PhD program on offer at their School of Nursing. Students become successful scientists in the nursing discipline. They acquire leadership skills that allow them to conduct research and use the results to advance nursing practice and the delivery of health care. Students plan a course of study with their academic advisor. Those studying full-time will obtain their degree in approximately three years. It will take longer for part-time students to complete the program. Inquire about their application deadline dates by contacting the school directly.

  2. There is a PhD program available at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences for advanced practice nurses with an interest in the armed forces. Multiple specialties are available and students prepare for careers in nursing science; researching ways to improve health care for federal and military patients. Classes are attended onsite. This is a 91 semester credit hour program that is likely to be completed in four or five years. To find out about the latest application deadline dates, do not hesitate to make direct contact with the school.

  3. The School of Nursing at the University of Maryland offers a PhD program that prepares students for scholarly careers where research is used to advance the science of nursing. Regardless of what specialty you choose, there are several options for you. Programs are available for full-time and part-time students and unique research opportunities are available at the campus. The program is designed to be completed in three years, longer for part-time scholars. Please obtain the latest application deadline dates from the school.

PhD Nurse Checklist

It is advisable for nurses with academic strength to obtain their doctorate, but being accepted into these programs is a competitive process. Admissions are reserved for the most suitable applicants and schools are extremely strict about their requirements. There is not a great deal of space available in these cohorts, which is why it is essential that you follow the application procedure of the school. Do not submit applications later than the deadline date and ensure that all materials are completed and delivered. If you have yet to complete your graduate education, then you should apply to the bridge programs on offer. This is a list of what prerequisites are necessary when applying to a PhD program in Maryland:

  • Your completed courses in statistics, research and nursing theory should be no older than five years.
  • Grant the school a personal interview when requested of you. This is a formal event that should be attended in a timely manner.
  • Every academic institution responsible for your post-secondary education will need to provide you with official transcripts.
  • While most schools prefer your overall Grade Point Average score to be at least 3.5 on a scale of 4.0, it is possible to gain acceptance with a minimum score of 3.0.
  • Protection against certain diseases through immunizations is essential and you will need to have a thorough medical checkup. A background check is imminent.
  • Your registered Advanced Nurse Practitioner licensure must be current, and it should allow you to practice in Maryland without any limitations.
  • Detail your academic accomplishments, professional experiences and voluntary work in your updated resume.
  • Your creative writing skills will need to be evidenced. Scholarly papers will suffice for this requirement.
  • Write a clear essay detailing your need to complete doctoral studies. Describe your professional motives and explain why the degree is essential to your career objectives.
  • Physicians, working colleagues, employers and previous academic mentors are reliable sources for your reference letters. Three will be required.
  • Submit proof that the BSN and MSN degrees were completed through programs that have full accreditation.
  • All clinical hours experienced as a graduate student must be proven, along with all those worked as an Advanced Practice Nurse.