Schools with PhD Programs in Kentucky

  1. The College of Nursing at the University of Kentucky offers a PhD program that prepares students for clinical research. The focus is on finding and applying scientific knowledge relevant to the improvement of nursing practice. Nursing courses are delivered once a week on campus, but other courses can be studied through other universities. Students typically complete the program in three to four years. To begin in the Fall semester, submit applications prior to February 15th. October 15th is the final application deadline for Spring entry.

  2. The PhD program at the University of Louisville is offered by their School of Nursing. Students are developed into nursing scientists that fulfill roles in academics, leadership, research and health care policies. Although full-time study is recommended by the school, there is an option for part-time students. This is a forty six semester credit program beyond the Master’s degree. The degree requirements are completed in three years of full-time study. The priority deadline for applications is February 15th and you should submit all documentation before this date.

PhD Nurse Checklist

When sending applications to these schools, we advise adhering to their strict deadlines and application procedures. Space is limited and there are differing admissions policies in place. Completion of your Master’s is not negotiable, but there are bridge programs available that will allow you to obtain this degree. If you maintain a certain standard of grades throughout this coursework then you will be eligible for the doctorate. The school will review your academic history and request the documentation to prove it. There are certain prerequisites required before you will be considered. This is a list of what is needed when applying to the PhD programs in Kentucky:

  • A personal interview will be requested and must be granted. This is a formal invitation that you should attend with time to spare.
  • Ensure that the required reference letters total three in number. Only authoritative individuals such as employers, physicians, working peers and academic faculty members may provide these for you.
  • Evidence of your creative written work must be submitted. This may take the form of scholarly papers.
  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended will be required to prove your academic career.
  • You will need to be protected from certain diseases through immunization. A complete medical checkup is necessary and a background check is likely to occur.
  • All baccalaureate and graduate coursework must be entirely completed. These degrees are only valid if obtained through programs with reputable accreditation.
  • An essay should be written clearly describing your career objectives. State how the terminal degree is important if you are to achieve your professional goals.
  • Your updated Curriculum Vitae should include all academic achievements, clinical and professional experiences, as well as any voluntary work that may have been undertaken.
  • Evidence must be submitted for all clinical hours worked. This includes those experienced as an Advanced Practice Nurse and those acquired during graduate studies.
  • Current licensure as a registered Advanced Nurse Practitioner must be current and allow you to practice in Kentucky without any restrictions.
  • 3.5 is the minimum overall Grade Point Average required on a 4.0 scale, but there are schools willing to consider candidates with a score of at least 3.0.
  • Research, statistics and nursing theory courses should have been completed within the last five years during graduate coursework.