Featured DNP Programs (RN Required)

  • The Donna and Allan Lansing School of Nursing and Health Sciences offers a DNP program through Bellarmine University. This is a primarily online program with flexible study options available. The program is typically completed in two or three years. April 1st is the priority deadline date for the program start in August.
  • Eastern Kentucky University has a DNP program available where students gain an understanding that allows them to translate scientific knowledge into nursing practice. There is a strong focus on organizational and clinical leadership. This is an online degree that requires minimal classroom attendance. Depending on the semester that a student begins the program, they will either complete all the necessary requirements in two or three years. Please contact the school personally to find out about their latest application deadline dates.
  • Frontier Nursing University has a vast number of practitioner concentrations for students to choose in their DNP program. Advanced practitioners are given the leadership skills necessary for the implementation of evidence-based practices. While the entire program is delivered online, a total of six days must be attended onsite. This is a full-time program that will take fifteen months to complete. There are various start dates in the year. Please contact the school for the application deadline dates applicable to you.
  • The DNP program at Northern Kentucky University is offered through their School of Health Professions. The emphasis is on population-based clinical practices and leadership skills that will prepare students for authoritarian roles in evidence-oriented care. There are a variety of specialties within the program, and the degree is available completely online. This is a three-year program designed for part-time study. Feel free to inquire about the application deadline dates directly from the school.
  • The DNP program offered by the College of Nursing at the University of Kentucky focuses on utilizing research to improve clinical practice, patient outcomes, systems control, and health care delivery. Accredited by CCNE, onsite attendance is required five times each semester. The rest of the coursework is available online, and students study either full-time or part-time. The program is completed by full-time students in about two years; while it will take approximately three years for part-time scholars to obtain their degree. All application materials should be submitted to the school no later than February 15th of each year. The program begins annually in the Fall semester.

DNP Nurse Checklist

It is imperative that you are aware of the exact application procedures and admissions policies of the schools to which you are applying. It is important that your applications are submitted in good time and that all materials are delivered. These programs admit small cohorts, and there is enormous competition among prospective students. Maintenance of very good grades throughout your graduate degree will work in your favor. While it is essential for your MSN to have been completed already, it is possible to obtain this through the bridge programs on offer. There are numerous prerequisites that must be met before you may enter the doctorate, and this is what is needed when applying to a DNP program in Kentucky:

  • The school will request an interview with you. Ensure that you clear your schedule and grant them ample time.
  • Your creative written work will be required. Scholarly papers may also be acceptable.
  • Write a quality essay about your career goals. Describe all your professional objectives and explain the importance of doctoral study in achieving them.
  • Update your Curriculum Vitae to include all professional experiences and academic achievements. Any voluntary work should be listed as well.
  • You must be registered as an Advanced Specialty Nurse and be licensed to practice in Kentucky without any restrictions.
  • Provide proof of all the clinical hours worked as both a graduate scholar and an Advanced Practice Nurse. Only accredited BSN and MSN programs must be responsible for these completed degrees.
  • It is imperative that courses in research, statistics, and nursing theory were completed as a graduate student. If older than five years, they will need to be studied again.
  • On a 4.0 scale, your overall GPA score must not be less than 3.0; although many schools will only consider students with a score of 3.5 or higher.
  • A full health check must be undertaken and you must be vaccinated against required diseases. Ensure that you are comfortable with a background check being performed.
  • Every school you attended since high school will need to provide official transcripts for you.
  • Three letters of recommendation must be from relevant sources with the authority to attest to your dedication. Employers, medical doctors, working colleagues, and previous academic advisors are preferable.