Schools with PhD Programs in Florida

  1. The Division of Nursing at Barry University has a PhD program available for those wishing to specialize in research and scientific discovery. Classes are held onsite and courses are designed for part-time students working professionally. There are two choices available; the traditional program or the summer-residence program. Most students complete the requirements in approximately two years. Please do not hesitate to enquire about their deadline dates from the school.

  2. A CCNE accredited PhD program is available through the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing at Florida Atlantic University. Students are prepared for careers as outstanding nursing scholars in a variety of specialties. Full-time and part-time options are offered and courses are primarily delivered online, with the occasional weekend of onsite attendance required. This is a three year program consisting of sixty three semester credits, some of which may be transferred from your Master’s coursework. March 15th is the deadline for Fall admissions. October 1st is the deadline for Spring admissions.

  3. The Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing and Health Sciences offers a CCNE accredited PhD program through Florida International University. Students develop intense leadership and education skills, while learning to apply research into guiding the nursing industry. Part-time students will obtain their degree in four years, while full-time study will enable the program to be completed in three years. Submit applications before June 1st for Fall admission. Submit applications before October 1st for Spring entry. Submit applications before March 1st to begin in the Summer term.

  4. Nova Southeastern University offers a CCNE accredited PhD program through their College of Nursing. The focus is on education and preparing students for careers as nursing faculty members. Delivered online, there are flexible study plans available. Students typically complete the program in three or four years. All applications must be completed and submitted prior to the March 1st deadline.

  5. A CCNE accredited PhD program is available through the College of Nursing at the University of Central Florida. There are options to study either part-time or full-time and students are prepared as educators at the university level. This is a sixty semester credit hour program that full-time students complete in two years. It will take three years for part-time students. To apply for the program, submit all application materials before March 15th of every year.

  6. The University of Florida has a PhD program on offer through their College of Nursing. With a focus on developing higher education tutors, students will gain invaluable insight into administration, research and clinical practice. The program consists of thirty three semester credits that are completed in three years of full-time study. All application materials must be completed and received by the school no later than March 15th each year.

  7. The University of Miami has a CCNE accredited PhD program at their School of Nursing and Health Studies. The degree focuses on various aspects of nursing science; research, theory and implementation. Plans of study include both part-time and full-time options. Most courses are delivered in a traditional classroom environment. The program is designed for students to complete it in three years. April 1st is the final deadline date for applications. Those seeking financial aid will need to ensure their applications are delivered before February 1st.

  8. The College of Nursing offers a CCNE accredited PhD program at the University of South Florida. Students will focus on the science of nursing and become leaders and researchers. Courses are taught in a hybrid format consisting of online and onsite components. Full-time study will complete the program in two years. There are part-time plans that will take students longer to acquire their degree. There is a maximum timeframe of eight years for the degree requirements to be completed. December 15th is the deadline for all applications. Classes begin in Fall each year.

PhD Nurse Checklist

When applying to these programs, it is advisable that you adhere to the requirements of the school. Include all the requested documentations and heed their deadline dates. With only a limited number of students admitted each year, this is a rigorous and competitive process. Bridge programs are available if you do not yet have your BSN or MSN degrees, but you will need to maintain high grades to continue through the program. Completion of your Master’s degree is essential for entry into the doctorate. While some schools are not as strict as others regarding their requirements, they all adhere to a stringent admissions process. The following prerequisites will be needed when applying to a PhD program in Florida:

  • While some schools require your overall Grade Point Average to be 3.5 on all graduate coursework completed, the majority of them will accept a score no less than 3.0 on a scale of 4.0.
  • Your Master’s degree must have been completed in an accredited program.
  • Supply your latest Curriculum Vita. Ensure that all voluntary, educational and professional qualifications, achievements and experiences are included.
  • You will need to have valid licensure to practice in Florida unrestricted as a registered nurse.
  • Each post-secondary school or university attended must provide official transcripts for you. They will stand as evidence that MSN and BSN degrees have been completed in their entirety.
  • Courses in nursing theory, statistics, healthcare assessment and research must have been passed with a minimum grade of C at the graduate level. These will need to be taken again if completed more than five years ago.
  • Describe the objectives of obtaining your PhD in a written goal statement. Explain your career goals and the importance of doctoral study in achieving them.
  • Recommendation letters will be required from three individuals. Employers, faculty members at past schools and even professional colleagues are acceptable.
  • The school will need scholarly papers or evidence of your written creative work.
  • Make sure that you are available for an interview. The school will require one.
  • Your GRE test scores may be deemed necessary, depending on the school you are applying to.
  • Specific immunizations will need to be in effect and you must comply with medical and background checks.