Featured DNP Programs (RN Required)

  • A DNP program is available through the Division of Nursing at Barry University. Students are able to advance their careers at the doctorate level as Nurse Practitioners in either family care or adult acute care, as well as gain expertise in policy-making and management. The program is designed for part-time study. Six semesters in length, the program can be completed in two years. Please contact the school to find out about their latest application deadline dates.
  • The Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing at Florida Atlantic University has a DNP program available that is CCNE accredited. The focus is on offering the highest education to those wishing to practice advanced patient care. Courses are web-assisted and classes are held on weekends for students who have full-time careers. This is a two-year program. The school is happy to provide application deadline information. Contact them to inquire.
  • Florida International University offers a DNP program through their Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing and Health Sciences. CCNE accredited advanced practice nurses will earn the highest possible degree in their choice of specialty. Designed for working professionals, this is for part-time students who wish to study online. Consisting of thirty-six semester credits, students complete their degree in six semesters (or two years). Applications for Spring admission are due before October 1st. Applications for Fall admission must be submitted before June 1st.
  • The College of Nursing at Florida State University has an AACN accredited DNP program on offer. The emphasis is on equipping Family Nurse Practitioners and Health Systems Leaders with doctoral education. Courses are taught online and through a video conferencing format. Full-time students will complete the program in eight semesters. Part-time students will be required to study for a full fourteen semesters. The final deadline for applications is April 1st for admission into the August start date.
  • A CCNE accredited DNP program is offered through the College of Nursing at Nova Southeastern University. This is an online degree that focuses on developing executive leaders and specialty practice nurses at the highest level. The program is either six semesters or eight semesters in length. Students complete the requirements in two or three years, depending on how many semester credits they can manage each term. August 1st is the final deadline for Spring entry. December 15th is the final deadline for Fall entry.
  • The College of Nursing at the University of Central Florida offers a CCNE accredited DNP program. Designed to further educate certified advanced practice nurses and nurse executives, there are online options depending on your specialty. It will take three or four years to complete the program, depending on whether studying full or part-time. Please contact the school and find out about their latest published deadlines.
  • The College of Nursing at the University of Florida has a CCNE accredited DNP program available to those wishing to become advanced practice specialists. Students are able to continue working professionally while completing their degree primarily online. Full-time students can expect to complete the program in less than two years. Part-time students should prepare to study for two and a half to three years. Please take the time to contact the school directly to ensure timely submittal of your application.
  • The University of Miami has a DNP program available through the School of Nursing and Health Studies. Advanced practice nurses are prepared for doctorate specialization. Classes are attended over one long weekend each month with online and practical components assigned in between. This is a one year program for full-time students. There is an option for part-time study which will take two years to complete. To ensure that your applications are submitted on time, please contact the school directly.
  • Accredited by CCNE, the DNP program at the University of North Florida is offered by their Brooks College of Health in partnership with the University of Florida. The clinical degree has a strong emphasis on the highest quality advanced practice for specialized nurses. While onsite attendance is required once each semester, the program is available online. It will take approximately two years to complete the program full-time, or three years if studying part-time. The final deadline for applications is March 15th. Ensure all documents are finalized and submitted well before this date.
  • The College of Nursing at the University of South Florida offers a CCNE accredited DNP program. It equips students with the necessary expertise for specialized patient care in a variety of Nurse Practitioner concentrations. This is a thirty semester credit hour program that will take one full year to complete. Each admission cycle has a deadline date of February 1st for applications.

DNP Nurse Checklist

You will need a proven record of academic pursuit when applying to these programs. Clinical experience is also imperative. A history of stellar grades throughout your undergraduate and graduate degrees will work in your favor. These programs are competitive and admissions policies are strict. Schools admit a select number of students into each cohort, so it is important that your application details your achievements. If you do not yet have your MSN degree, then you may apply for their bridge programs. Some schools offer them from the baccalaureate level as well. Several prerequisites are essential when applying to a DNP program in Florida and we list them below for you:

  • You must have completed your Master’s degree at a college or university that has been accredited by a respected accrediting body.
  • On a scale of 4.0, the minimum Grade Point Average score allowed is 3.0 for all graduate coursework. Some schools may even require this score to be 3.5.
  • You will need an unrestricted license to practice as a registered nurse in Florida.
  • The school will require official transcripts from each post-secondary institution attended in order to provide evidence of your completed BSN and MSN degrees.
  • A minimum grade of C, or higher, must have been obtained on courses in statistics, research and healthcare assessment undertaken in the last five years.
  • Write an essay that describes your career objectives. Explain your goals and reasons for pursuing doctoral study. Mention how the program will help you to achieve these goals and how this will benefit your community.
  • Highlight your academic and professional achievements and experiences in an updated resume.
  • Submit copies of all your certifications acquired as a professional advanced practice nurse.
  • Employers, previous faculty advisors, and professional colleagues must provide you with a total of three letters of reference.
  • Evidence must be provided stating exactly how many clinical hours were completed during your Master’s degree.
  • The school will require an interview. Ensure that you make yourself available.
  • You will need to send scholarly papers or proof of written creative work.