Schools with PhD Programs in Alaska

While there are no schools offering PhD programs in Alaska, there are several reputable online degrees available nationally at accredited schools.

PhD Nurse Checklist

There are only a handful of students accepted into these programs every year. There is a limit on space and applicants are competitive. The schools have strict standards and you need to have continually achieved high grades throughout your studies in order to be considered. Completion of the Master’s degree in nursing is paramount, but programs are available that will ensure you obtain your doctorate if you maintain certain scores at the BSN and MSN level. It is advisable that you contact the schools directly to find out about what they offer, but this is what is needed when applying to a PhD program from Alaska:

  • The degree requirements for your BSN and MSN must have been completed and proof of this obtained from the school where you studied.
  • The school where you acquired your Master’s degree must be accredited
  • Your resume should clearly describe all academic achievements and professional experiences. Include any voluntary work that you may have offered.
  • Only authorities in the nursing professional may provide you with the three reference letters required. Previous academic advisors are a good source, as are employers and nursing colleagues.
  • Each college or university attended should provide official transcripts for you. They will serve as evidence that your baccalaureate and graduate degrees were completely finished.
  • The minimum GPA score on all graduate coursework needs to be 3.0 on a scale of 4.0. A GPA of 3.50 may even be required.
  • The school will do a background check and request evidence of a full health check. You will have to be vaccinated against certain diseases.
  • No restrictions are permitted on your current license to practice as a registered nurse in Alaska.
  • Courses in nursing theory, research and statistics must have been completed at the graduate level in the past five years. If older than that, they will need to be retaken.