Featured DNP Programs (RN Required)

There are no schools offering a DNP program in Alaska, but many schools throughout the United States have online programs available.

DNP Nurse Checklist

In order to apply for admission to a DNP program, you will need certain qualifications and experience. A Master’s degree in nursing is imperative for doctoral study and you will need to complete your MSN degree first. Bridge programs are available that will allow you to obtain your BSN and MSN during the course of your studies, but you will need to maintain high grades throughout if you wish to obtain your DNP. Regardless of which entry pathway, you are applying for, competition is rife. Classes consist of limited numbers of students and schools are strict in their requirements. These are the prerequisites you will need to enroll in an online DNP program in Alaska:

  • The amount of clinical hours completed during the course of your graduate studies must be proven by the school attended.
  • A full health check will be required, along with certain vaccinations. The school will perform a background check as well.
  • Your career ambitions will be the subject of a required essay. Explain clearly in writing how doctoral education is essential in achieving these goals and what benefits it will offer others.
  • If older than five years then you will need to repeat graduate courses in nursing theory, statistics and research. A grade of C is acceptable but absolutely no less.
  • Your creative writing or scholarly papers must be included in your application.
  • Overall, your grade point average score on all graduate coursework may not be less than 3.0 on a scale of 4.0. It is possible that these grades may need to be higher.
  • Every school ever attended post-high-school will need to provide official transcripts for you. They will prove your history of academic studies, including completion of your BSN and MSN degrees.
  • You will be required to attend a formal interview on campus at the request of the school.
  • Your current resume should highlight all your academic, professional, and voluntary accomplishments and histories.
  • Licensure to practice in Alaska as a registered nurse is essential. It must be without any restrictions whatsoever.
  • Certifications will have been acquired over the course of your career as an advanced practice nurse. Make copies of these and submit them to the school.
  • A total of three reference letters will be necessary and they are only acceptable if they are from upstanding individuals within the healthcare profession. Nursing colleagues, academic mentors, and employers are advisable.