Featured DNP Programs (RN Required)

  • The DNP program available at the University of Mississippi Medical Center is offered through their School of Nursing. Students are able to further their expertise in a variety of concentrations, including public and community health. There are plans of study available for both full-time and part-time scholars. While many courses are delivered online, campus attendance is also required. It will take full-time students six semesters (or two years) to complete the program. The length for part-time students is approximately nine semesters (or three years). March 31st is the annual application deadline date for the Fall start term.
  • The College of Nursing at the University of Southern Mississippi is part of a collaborative effort among five universities to offer the DNP program. Advanced Practice Nurses are trained to apply scientific knowledge that aims to improve healthcare delivery to a diversity of populations. This is an online program that also demands onsite classroom attendance. Forty-two semester credit hours must be completed to obtain this degree. This takes full-time students two years to achieve. Please obtain information about application deadlines directly from the school.

DNP Nurse Checklist

Acceptance into a DNP program is not an easy accomplishment. Cohorts are small and students compete heavily for a place. Bridge programs are available if you have not yet completed your MSN. They will enable you to gain entry into the doctorate if you comply with the standards required of the school during graduate coursework. Strict prerequisites must be met for you to be eligible as a prospective student, and high grades are essential throughout your academic history. Only a select few students are chosen each year, and this is what you will need when applying to a DNP program in Mississippi:

  • Courses in statistics, nursing theory, and research must have been undertaken no longer than five years ago. A grade of C is the minimum, but ideally, it should be higher.
  • Attendance of a formal personal interview is compulsory and it is advisable that you clear your schedule so you have time to spare.
  • Completion of the BSN and MSN degrees is paramount, and they must have been acquired through an accredited school.
  • Scholarly papers may be accepted for the examples of creative written work that are required.
  • All academic, voluntary, and professional experiences and accomplishments must be clearly detailed in your Curriculum Vitae.
  • Possession of a registered Advanced Nursing Practice license is essential. It must be unencumbered and enable you to practice freely in Mississippi.
  • While the school may perform a background check on you, they will definitely require you to be vaccinated against certain diseases. The results of your last medical checkup may be requested.
  • All clinical hours worked as both a specialty nurse and a graduate scholar must be proven.
  • An overall Grade Point Average of at least 3.5 is required on a scale of 4.0, but it is possible to find schools willing to consider those with a minimum score of 3.0.
  • Each school attended post-secondary must supply official transcripts for you.
  • Letters of reference attesting your ability to complete doctoral studies are required. You will need three from academic mentors, physicians, employers or working peers.
  • Write an essay about your professional ambitions. Explain your goals in detail and describe the reason why doctoral education is imperative for you to attain them.