Schools with PhD Programs in Mississippi

  1. The University of Mississippi Medical Center offers a PhD program through their School of Nursing, in collaboration with the University of Southern Mississippi. Future leaders are trained as education experts, policy analysts and scientific researchers. Some courses are delivered online, but classes are scheduled to meet once a week on campus. The curriculum structure is designed for full-time students but there are available part-time options. It will take dedicated full-time students four to five years to complete the degree requirements. Cohorts are admitted twice a year and there are two application deadline dates: 1. June 1st for Spring admission. 2. October 1st for Fall admission.

  2. The PhD program at the University of Southern Mississippi is offered through their College of Nursing. It focuses on preparing leaders to excel at systematic research inquiry and innovative theory development. Plans of study include part-time and full-time options and the majority of courses are delivered in an online format with occasional attendance required on campus. It will take two and a half years for post-master’s students to complete the forty eight semester credits full-time. Those entering at the baccalaureate level must complete sixty semester credits, which will take three or four years. Admitted students begin in the Fall each year. The application deadline is March 1st.

PhD Nurse Checklist

It is imperative that you adhere to the application procedures of these schools in order to be eligible for consideration. Space is limited in these programs and students compete heartily for a place. Submit applications well in advance of the final deadline dates and make sure that all documents are present and complete. While it is possible to finish all graduate coursework through bridge programs, you will still need to obtain your Master’s with exceptional grades to become a candidate for the doctorate. When applying to these programs, ensure that you have all the required prerequisites. This is list of what you will need when sending an application to a PhD program in Mississippi:

  • Examples of your written ability must be proven. Scholarly papers are often used for this requirement.
  • Immunizations protecting you from certain diseases must be proven, along with the results of your latest health check. You will undergo a background and criminal check by the school.
  • Your Personal Goal Statement should be well written in an essay that explains your need for a doctoral education. Describe your career objectives and how these qualifications will further your professional ambitions.
  • At least a 3.0 overall Grade Point Average score must have been achieved on a scale of 4.0. Many schools insist this requirement be no less than 3.5.
  • Contact the school where you attended graduate studies and request proof of all clinical hours worked during this time. Those experienced as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner will also need to be proven.
  • Attend a personal interview with the school in a timely manner when they request it.
  • The school will require three reference letters in total. Ensure they are from academic supervisors, physicians, employers, working colleagues or other reliable professional sources.
  • You must own licensure as a registered Advanced Practice Nurse that is unrestricted and allows you to practice freely in Mississippi.
  • Statistics, nursing theory and research courses are compulsory and should have been passed with a minimum grade of C as a graduate student. If studied over five years ago, they will need to be taken again.
  • Official transcripts must be provided by all schools that you have attended since high school graduation.
  • Proof will need to be submitted evidencing the completion of your BSN and MSN degrees from fully accredited programs.
  • Your final resume should detail all voluntary work and professional experiences. Include your academic history and accomplishments.