Schools with PhD Programs in Rhode Island

The University of Rhode Island has a PhD program available at their College of Nursing. Nurse scholars are given preparation in the advancement of nursing science. Students graduate as leaders with the skills to develop and test theories, as well as conduct extensive research on the improvement of all aspects of clinical practice. While onsite attendance is sometimes required, students must be computer literate for online courses as well. Students arrange their own pace of study and typically complete the degree requirements in four to six years. This will depend on how many courses are taken each semester prior to the dissertation. Please contact the school to find out the details regarding their latest application deadline dates.

PhD Nurse Checklist

Competition is inevitable among applicants. There is a limit of available space in these programs and schools only admit those they consider the most suitable. A long record of outstanding academic achievement is essential, particularly throughout graduate coursework. BSN graduates may enter the doctorate through a bridge program, but this still entails completing the MSN before becoming a doctoral student. We advise contacting the schools of interest prior to sending applications. It is imperative that you adhere to their application procedures and be prompt with their deadlines. There are several compulsory prerequisites that are necessary and this is a list of what is needed when applying to a PhD program in Rhode Island:

  • All your career objectives must be detailed in a well written essay. Explain your need for a doctoral education to ensure these goals are met.
  • Certain diseases must be prevented with vaccinations and you will need to provide proof of this with your latest health check. A background check will be undertaken by the school.
  • A minimum grade of C, but preferably higher, will need to have been accomplished on graduate courses in statistics, nursing theory and research within the last five years.
  • Only nationally accredited BSN and MSN degrees are accepted and they must have been completed.
  • Your creative writing skills must be proven, usually in the form of scholarly papers.
  • A personal interview will be requested and you must attend promptly. Cancel all appointments that may hinder your available time.
  • You must request official transcripts from each post-secondary school responsible for your education.
  • Evidence of all clinical hours worked must be provided, from graduate coursework to professional specialty nursing.
  • Your resume must include your current professional, academic and voluntary escapades.
  • Only professionals able to testify to your academic prowess may provide the three reference letters required. Doctors, employers, nursing peers, faculty advisors and supervisors are good examples.
  • An overall Grade Point Average score of no less than 3.0 is compulsory on a scale of 4.0. It may be possible that this requirement be 3.5 for some schools.
  • Your registered nursing licensure must be current and allow unhindered practice as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Rhode Island.