Schools with PhD Programs in Kansas

While there are no schools offering PhD programs in Kansas, there are many that have online doctoral degrees available.

PhD Nurse Checklist

It is important to note that minimal students are accepted into these programs each year. Space is limited and applicants are extremely competitive. Several prerequisites must be met before you can apply for doctoral study and it is advisable that you understand the application process and admissions procedures of each school. Bridge programs are on offer for those without their MSN degree, but graduate education must be completed before becoming eligible for this terminal degree. We have compiled a list of all the requirements that you need when applying to a PhD program from Kansas:

  • A registered nursing license is required. It must be free of any restrictions and allow you to practice as an Advanced Specialty Nurse in Kansas.
  • It may be that the school will perform a background check on you. A full medical exam is necessary and you must be protected against specified diseases through immunization.
  • While some schools are willing to accept an overall GPA score of 3.0, the majority expect no less than 3.5 on a scale of 4.0.
  • Your latest resume must be delivered with your application. It must highlight all achievements and experiences related to your professional, academic and voluntary histories.
  • Official transcripts from all post-secondary schools attended must be requested and submitted.
  • All baccalaureate and graduate studies must be completed and the degrees must be fully accredited.
  • Nursing theory, research and statistics courses at the graduate level must have been completed no later than five years ago.
  • Your career goals will need to be explained in a written essay. Detail your professional objectives and explain the desire to complete your PhD. Describe how the degree is essential to your career.
  • Three reference letters will be required and they are only valid if from relevant authorities. Professional peers, employers and academic tutors are preferred.
  • Creative written work or scholarly papers will need to be submitted.
  • A personal interview will be requested by the school. You must attend without being rushed in any way.
  • Provide evidence of the number of clinical hours completed during your graduate coursework, as well as those worked as an Advanced Practice Nurse.