Schools with PhD Programs in Alabama

Qualified nurses with an interest in scholarly pursuits are in great demand. Research is needed to improve the quality of care patients receive and discover ways to better the performance of the health care industry. While there are many online schools offering degrees nationally, there is only one school with a PhD program available in Alabama.

  • The University of Alabama in Birmingham offers a PhD program that develops expert scholars, leaders and researchers in a wide variety of specialties. Graduates will be able to apply scientific techniques to improve the quality of health care. Delivered primarily online, students can choose to take courses from flexible study options. Students typically complete the program in three or four years, depending on their plan of study. Deadline dates for applications change yearly as deemed by the school. Please contact the school directly to ensure timely delivery of your applications.

PhD Nurse Checklist

While many schools offer bridge programs to those without their MSN or even BSN degrees, it is imperative that these studies are completed before continuing into this doctorate. High grades are expected throughout your academic history and must be maintained for the duration of your studies. Cohorts consist of a few selected students, which makes the program extremely competitive. Academic history, professional achievements and clinical experiences are the primary focus of the admissions committees and several prerequisites are non-negotiable. This is what you will need when applying to a PhD program in Alabama:

  • Repeat courses in statistics, research and nursing theory if they were completed over five years ago. A grade of C is the lowest score acceptable.
  • Clear all commitments when the school requests a formal interview. Ensure you are available to attend.
  • You will need to provide the school with examples of your creative writing skills. Scholarly papers will suffice perfectly.
  • All immunizations must be currently effective and a thorough health check is imperative. These records must be provided and a full background check will be undertaken.
  • Only professional authorities may provide the required three letters of recommendation. These include academic staff, employers and nursing colleagues.
  • You must have obtained your MSN from a school or university that offers a fully accredited graduate program.
  • 3.0 on a 4.0 scale are the lowest acceptable grade point average scores on all graduate coursework completed. It is possible that some schools will insist this be higher.
  • Your latest Curriculum Vitae must describe your academic and professional history. Include all experiences, accomplishments and voluntary tasks.
  • Licensure to practice unrestricted as a registered nurse in Alabama is imperative.
  • Submit copies of all certifications acquired over the course of your Advanced Practice career.
  • Clearly describe your professional goals in a well written essay. Society will benefit from your completion of a doctorate program. Explain this in detail and highlight how your career ambitions will ensure it.
  • Official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended must prove that the BSN and MSN degrees have been entirely completed.