Schools with LPN Programs in Virginia

  • Reynolds Community College offers a high-quality LPN program designed to prepare students for entry level practical nursing positions. In order to qualify, individuals must complete the Reynolds placement tests in English and mathematics as well as the developmental coursework recommended by the placement tests. They must then attend an information session within 6 months of applying to the practical nursing certificate to receive an application for the program. Those who are accepted will attend a mandatory orientation. The program consists of 49 credits and in order to receive the certificate, individuals must maintain a cumulative 2.5 GPA.
  • Located in Virginia Beach, ECPI College of Technology offers a practical nursing diploma. The program consists of 46 credits and combines clinical experiences with classroom theory to provide students with the highest level of knowledge and skills, preparing them to work under doctors, registered nurses, dentists and other healthcare professionals.
  • Virginia Western Community College boasts a great practical nursing program which provides a certificate qualifying students to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses. Approved by the Virginia Board of Nursing, this program combines classroom instruction as well as clinical experiences, all designed to help students become the best possible practical nurses. The estimated in-state tuition cost is $149.09 per credit hour, and the estimated out-of-state tuition cost is $343.69 per credit hour.
  • Located in Locust Grove, VA, Germanna Community College offers a 42-credit practical nursing curriculum combining clinical experiences and classroom instruction. In order to qualify, individuals must have taken a computer competency test or college computer literacy skills course within 5 years prior to applying. Applicants will also need to have taken placement tests for college-level reading, writing and math courses as well as nursing tests of essential academic skills. The program lasts 11 months and qualifies individuals to take the NCLEX-PN exam.
  • Lord Fairfax Community College offers a three-semester (one year) LPN program covering topics like Human Anatomy and Physiology, Developmental Psychology, Orientation to Health Professions, Nutrition and Diet Therapy, Mental Health/Psychiatric Nursing. Admission to the program is competitive and very selective, so it’s important to make sure you meet all the requirements. Completion of the TEAS examination is required, as well as high school biology and algebra classes with a minimum grade of C. Applicants will also be required to submit to background testing and drug-screening.
  • The nursing program at Southside Virginia Community College provides a certificate in practical nursing to those who complete the 1-year (3 semester) program. The program is available at the Christianna Campus, the John H. Daniel Campus, Southern Virginia Higher Education Center and the Estes Center. Classroom theory combined with clinical experiences in a variety of community healthcare centers provides the necessary knowledge and skills to students. Upon earning your certificate, you will be able to take the NCLEX-PN examination. NCLEX-PN pass rates are 100% in 2012 for the Christianna Campus, 94.12% in 2012 for the John H. Daniel Campus in South Boston and 70.37% in 2012 for the John H. Daniel Campus in Farmville.
  • The practical nursing certificate at Piedmont Virginia Community College requires 41 credits to earn and typically takes 18 months. Just a few of the courses required include Human Anatomy and Physiology for the Health Sciences, Developmental Psychology, Nutrition and Diet Therapy, Nursing Concepts I and II, and Introduction to Medical Terminology. The cost of the program is approximately $5,479, not including the $2,089 required for books and supplies. The job placement rate for students who completed this program in 2012-2013 is 85%.
  • Those who live in or near Dublin, Virginia can take advantage of the practical nursing program at New River Community College. The program requires 50 credits to complete and is designed to take 1 year, although some students take longer to finish. Classroom instruction is combined with clinical experiences in a variety of healthcare settings. New River Community College is associated with numerous healthcare facilities, including Carillon OB-GYN, Children’s Choice, Fairview Home, Highland Ridge and Radford Health Rehab.
  • Danville Community College is a great choice for those who live in or near Danville, Virginia. It offers the Associate of Applied Science – Specialty in Practical Nursing, which requires 64 to 65 credits to complete. This two-year program not only qualifies individuals to take the NCLEX-PN examination, but provides additional courses as a foundation for further education, so it’s perfect for those who want to work as an LPN while gaining their degree in registered nursing.
  • Wytheville Community College offers a degree certificate in practical nursing for those who complete the 5-semester sequential program. This consists of two preclinical semesters composed primarily of classroom theory, and then three clinical semesters where students will receive hands-on instruction. Upon completion, students will be eligible to sit for the NCLEX-PN exam. In order to be eligible, individuals must submit an application to the Office of Admissions and Records, including their high school transcripts as well as transcripts from any and all colleges attended and placement test scores. NCLEX pass rates for 2012 were 80%.
  • Those who live in or around Martinsville, Virginia can take advantage of the Patrick Henry Community College practical nursing program. It’s a 3-semester program consisting of classroom, laboratory and clinical instruction. At the end of the program, individuals will receive a practical nursing certificate and will be eligible to take the NCLEX-PN exam. Approved by the Virginia Board of Nursing, the program consists of 49 credits. In addition to tuition, students will be financially responsible for uniforms, a physical examination, books, graduation pin, standardized tests, a drug screening and a criminal background check.
  • Saluda, Virginia offers up Rappahannock College, which boasts an excellent practical nursing program. This 46-credit, 3-semester program covers such topics as Trends in Practical Nursing, Developmental Psychology, Drug Dosage Calculation, Nursing Terminology and Charting, Body Structure and Function, and more. All applicants must submit to background checks and drug screenings. The program is offered at the Glenns and Warsaw campuses.
  • Mountain Empire Community College offers a great practical nursing program, which combines classroom, laboratory and clinical experiences all designed to offer the best knowledge and skills to students. The limited enrollment program accepts 25 students in the spring and 30 in the fall, and the estimated total cost for the program is $7,500.
  • Those living in or around Clifton Forge, Virginia can take advantage of Dabney S. Lancaster Community College’s practical nursing program. This program is a 42-credit hour program designed to train individuals to be competent, qualified practical nurses. This particular program complies with VCCS standards and is approved by the Virginia State Board of Nursing. Upon completion, individuals will receive a certificate of practical nursing and will be eligible to take the NCLEX-PN exam.
  • Eastern Shore Community College offers a 3-semester practical nursing program which trains students to not only take the NCLEX-PN examination, but to become qualified practical nurses. The program also lays a foundation for those who wish to continue their education to become a registered nurse while working as a practical nurse. NCLEX-PN pass rates in 2012 were 100%.
  • Global Health College also boasts a great practical nursing program designed to last 1 year. In order to be accepted, individuals must submit an application along with the $70 application and $37 entrance fee. They must also submit to a national criminal background check, a physical examination and a drug screening. The program consists of 1328 clock hours and clinical experiences take place in a variety of healthcare settings throughout the community.
  • The practical nursing program at Centura College is offered at the Norfolk and Richmond Meadow campuses. The program gives students the advantage of classroom learning as well as clinical experiences in a variety of healthcare settings.
  • Career Training Solutions offers a full-time practical nursing program as well as a part-time program, so it’s flexible for individuals who are working while earning their certificate. The 70-credit program is designed to take 14 months for full-time students and 17.5 months for part-time students. Students will learn topics like Maternity Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing, Geriatric/Leadership Nursing and more. An entrance examination is required in order for students to be admitted.
  • The Riverside School of Health Careers provides a great practical nursing program approved by the Virginia Board of Nursing. There is a $100 application fee required by those who apply, and individuals who are accepted must submit to background checks as well as a drug-screening. Admission is competitive and those who meet all requirements must sit for an interview. Those who complete the program will be eligible and prepared to take the NCLEX-PN examination.
  • Those in or around Richmond, Virginia can take advantage of Centura College’s practical nursing program. Those who complete the first year of their associate’s degree in nursing will be eligible to receive a certificate of practical nursing. They can then take the NCLEX-PN examination.

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Virginia Salary & Job Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics gathers statistics and data from healthcare employers in each state. As of May 2013, the annual median salary of Licensed Practical Nurses within the state of Virginia was $40,020. This is not far off from the national average for LPNs. However, this is just the center line; these professionals in Virginia could earn as little as $20,000 per year or as much as $86,000 per year. Those who live in larger cities such as Virginia Beach and Norfolk are likely to make more money than those who live in smaller or more rural towns.