Schools with LPN Programs in Nebraska

  • Western Nebraska Community College offers a three-semester program for students looking to become a licensed practical nurse. The curriculum blends theory and practice to equip graduates with the skills and knowledge to gain employment in entry-level positions. Before graduating from the program, a student must complete 47.5 credits of coursework, which includes classes such as Basic Nursing Concepts, Nutrition and Diet Therapy, and Nursing of the Family.
  • The one-year certificate program offered at Metropolitan Community College of Nebraskaprepares students to take the NCLEX-PN exam through a blend of classroom instruction, laboratory experience, and clinical practice. Registration for the PN program is handled by the Nursing Program, and requires students applying to the program to consult with an advisor when submitting an application. Applicants may choose between a Fall quarter or Spring quarter start. Application deadlines for the Fall-start program in June 1 with notification letters sent out by the end of June. Students take classes in the daytime during the week with 64 students accepted into the Fall program. With an application deadline of December 1, students interested in the Spring-start program receive a notification letter in early January. This program offers classes in the evening and during the weekend. Only 36 students are admitted into the Spring program.
  • Mid-Plains Community College, located in North Platte, has a Practical Nursing Education Program with selective admission for those who meet requirements before acceptance is granted. Full-time students enter a 12-month program that leads to a diploma in Practical Nursing upon graduation. Graduates are then eligible to sit for the National Council Licensing Examination (NCLEX-PN) to gain licensure as an LPN. The program is accredited by the Bureau of Examining Boards, Board of Nursing of the State of Nebraska.
  • Southeast Community College (SCC), located in Lincoln, offers a Practical Nursing program that is approved by the Nebraska State Board of Nursing, and accredited by the National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission. With a focus on the concepts, principles, skills, and outlook regarding the nursing profession that an LPN should possess, SCC touches upon a range of topics, such as medical-surgical, maternal-child, and geriatric nursing. Local health care agencies provide faculty-facilitated clinical experiences, where students take a hands-on approach to their learning. Some of the courses included in the curriculum are Pharmacology, Medical Terminology, and Fundamentals of Practical Nursing. Part-time learners must attend clinicals in person at the following sites: Lincoln, Beatrice, Geneva, or Falls City.
  • Graduates of the LPN program at Northeast Community College (NCC) receive a Practical Nursing diploma, and are eligible to take the NCLEX-PN exam. The PN program at NCC offers various levels, and students who successfully complete the first two semesters may opt out to pursue licensure as an LPN. The PN curriculum is based on 41 credit hours of study, which includes coursework in Nursing Science, Nursing Process and Critical Thinking, and Pathophysiology of Disease Processes. A student is also expected to complete General Education courses that include credits in mathematics (Math for Health Professionals), science & technology (such as Microbiology), and written communication (English comp).
  • Preparing graduates to gain employment in entry-level nursing position, College of Saint Maryoffers a ladder program for aspiring nurses. With the Practical Nursing (PN) program, graduates exit the curriculum to take an exam to gain licensure as an LPN. Classes are held during the week days with studies that begin in the summertime. The overall program, which is approved by the Nebraska State Board of Education in Nursing, is typically completed within one year.
  • Central Community College (CCC) offers a Practical Nursing program that follows a selective admission format for applicants looking to become an LPN. The three-semester curriculum plan is taken after a student has completed the necessary general education pre-requisites. Nursing core classes include Developmental Psychology, Nursing of the Family, and Medical Surgical Nursing. In the end, graduates will have completed 42-48 credits worth of study. Students may attend classes on the Columbus and Grand Island campuses, as well as at the Kearney Center. The CCC Practical Nursing program is approved by the Nebraska Board of Nursing.

Nebraska LPN Checklist

  • Apply to a state-approved LPN program, which typically takes one year to complete.
  • After getting a certificate or diploma in Practical Nursing, pass Nebraska’s National Council Licensure Examination-Practical Nurse (NCLEX-PN) exam.
  • Gain licensure as an LPN by submitting an application to the Nebraska Board of Nursing, and including the initial fee of ~$123.
  • Every two years, renew LPN license.
  • Fulfill continuing education requirements for the state of Nebraska by completing 20 contact hours every renewal period.

Nebraska Salary & Job Outlook

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median salary for entry-level licensed practical nurses working in the state of Nebraska is $37,840. An LPN looking to increase his or her salary may want to seek a job within the following industries: education at the junior college level, insurance carriers, and with scientific research/development services. The BLS identifies these industries as being the top paying for a licensed practical nurse working in the United States.