LPN Programs in Georgia

By EveryNurse Staff on January 12, 2023

LPN Programs in Georgia
Before an individual can work in healthcare, job applicants are expected to complete a certain level of training and education. For the licensed practical nurse, he or she will spend at least one year earning a certificate from an approved program that teaches practical nursing skills. From there, the majority of LPN graduates will go on to find employment at long-term care facilities, nursing homes, as well as in physician offices, where they typically assist patients before an examination. Educating students with coursework in biology, pharmacology and anatomy, there are more than thirty LPN programs in Georgia.

Schools With LPN Programs in Georgia

  • In order to complete the necessary 60 credit hours required to earn a diploma in Practical Nursing at Savannah Technical College, students will take an array of courses that blend basic skills (in Math, English, and Psychology) with occupation-specific learning. Courses specifically geared towards becoming an LPN include Anatomy and Physiology; Introduction to Pharmacology/Clinical Calculations; and several sections of Medical-Surgical Nursing with accompanying clinical experiences.
  • The Practical Nursing program at Augusta Technical College is designed to prepare students to pass the state board examination to gain licensure as an LPN. Classroom instruction in theory and practice is blended with instructor-guided clinical experiences. The program is comprised of 60 credit hours of coursework that includes classes related to diet and nutrition, psychology, medical surgical nursing, maternity nursing, and leadership. Approved by the Georgia Board of Examiners of Licensed Practical Nurses, the program is also accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc.
  • Altamaha Technical College offers a practical nursing program that grants graduates a diploma, where they will then have the qualifications to pursue an entry-level position as an LPN. A total of 60 credit hours are required for completion of the program. The curriculum for the program blends basic skills courses (such as Fundamentals of English I, Foundations of Mathematics, and Basic Psychology) with occupational courses (like Nursing Fundamentals, Nursing Leadership, and Diet and Nutrition for Allied Health Science). Classes are offered on the Jesup, Baxley, and Golden Isles campuses.
  • Graduates of the Central Georgia Technical College LPN program receive a Practical Nursing Diploma at one of three campus locations – Macon, Warner Robins, or Milledgeville. Applicants to the competitive program are chosen based on their PSB exam score and cumulative grade point average regarding the following prerequisite courses: ENGL 1010 Fundamentals of English I, 1012 Foundations of Mathematics, PSYC 1010 Basic Psychology, COMP 1000 Introduction to Computers, and ALHS 1011 Anatomy and Physiology.
  • Before being allowed to complete the clinical portions of their education at CGTC, students are expected to submit a satisfactory criminal background check and drug screen in order to gain placement at a clinical health care facility for training. The school’s LPN program is 60 credit hours long with students being accepted every semester.
  • The Practical Nursing occupational courses offered at Chattahoochee Technical College are completed within three semesters for the full-time student admitted into the school’s LPN program. Qualified applicants are those who have successfully completed all pre-requisite courses with a grade of C or better. Some of the occupational courses that a student encounters at CTC include Introduction to Computers, Maternity Nursing, and Nursing Leadership. Admission into the Practical Nursing program is competitive, and students are not placed on a waiting list.
  • The Wiregrass Georgia Technical College program for practical nursing study is offered at three different campuses – Valdosta, Coffee, and Ben Hill-Irwin. Every Fall and Spring semester, the Valdosta campus accepts students, while the Ben Hill-Irwin campus only admits new classes in the Fall semester, and the Coffee campus only admits students in the Spring. There is also an evening program that accepts students every other year. Before starting clinical rotations as part of the curriculum, students must satisfy the following requirements: American Heart Association Provider CPR certification, physical examination, up-to-date immunizations, criminal background check, and drug screen.
  • Students are accepted in the Fall and Spring semesters for the Practical Nursing program offered at Southern Crescent Technical College, which leads to the receipt of a diploma. Within five terms, students are expected to accumulate the 60 credit hours needed to graduate.
  • Before gaining entrance into the LPN program at Lanier Technical College, applicants must take the NLN pre-admission PN test, and rank with a minimum 85th composite percentile result. Students with the highest NLN composite percentile scores take priority in the selection process. The full-time LPN program (which typically takes 12 months to complete) is offered at the Oakwood and Forsyth campus locations, and culminates with the receipt of a diploma. Students must also have current certification in Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers (CPR/AED) through the American Heart Association upon being accepted into the program.

Georgia LPN Checklist

  • Earn a certificate or diploma for Nursing Practice from a state-approved educational program.
  • After getting a certificate in Practical Nursing, pass Georgia’s National Council Licensure Examination-Practical Nurse (NCLEX-PN) exam.
  • Gain licensure as an LPN by submitting an application to the Georgia Board of Nursing, and paying the initial ~$40 fee.
  • Renew LPN license every two years.
  • There are no continuing education requirements for LPNs that work in the state of Georgia.

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Georgia Salary & Job Outlook

With an expected growth rate of 22 percent from 2010 to 2020, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports employment opportunities for LPN program graduates will increase faster than the average rate of all other occupations in the U.S. According to the BLS, the median salary for licensed practical nurses employed in the state of Georgia is $37,040.

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