Featured DNP Programs (RN Required)

  • The Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing offers a DNP program at Cape Western Reserve University. Graduates obtain the highest qualifications for advanced practice and are leaders in a variety of clinical settings. Both onsite and online options are available, and students are able to pursue an intensive full-time plan or study part-time. Consisting of thirty-four total credits, the program is completed in approximately two years. June 1st is the final deadline for admission into the Fall semester. Applications for the Spring semester close on October 1st. The deadline for Summer admission is March 1st.
  • Kent State University has a DNP program available at their College of Nursing. Accredited by CCNE, students are prepared for leadership positions in clinical practice and develop skills to apply scientific evidence into several healthcare outcomes. This is an online program that has flexible study options. Students typically complete all the degree requirements in two to three years. Kindly request application deadline information from the school directly.
  • The DNP program offered by the College of Nursing at Ohio State University has two options available: Clinical Expert and Nurse Executive. Graduates of this program are prepared for excellence in advanced patient care. While this is predominantly a distance-learning program, some electives must be attended onsite. This is a two year program for full-time students. It will take three years of part-time study. Completed application packets must be submitted before March 1st.
  • Otterbein University has a DNP program available that is offered online. Occasional campus visits are required, and students can study either part-time or full-time. The focus of the program is to prepare specialized nurses for expert practice and leadership in holistic health care. The program is six semesters in length and can be completed in two years. Classes begin each Summer and applications must be submitted before November 30th each year.
  • The DNP program at the University of Toledo is available at their College of Nursing. Students become adept at translating research into evidence-based practice, develop leadership and organizational skills necessary for all aspects of healthcare delivery, and identify ways to improve quality and performance. This is a part-time curriculum that is studied online. This is a three year study plan that involves completing thirty six semester credit hours. Please contact the school to request detailed information about their application deadline dates.
  • The DNP program at the University of Akron prepares registered nurses with doctoral expertise in advanced nursing practice. Career emphasis is on a variety of specialized disciplines for direct patient care. Courses are delivered in a hybrid format of online and onsite collaboration. This is a seventy one semester credit program that post-master’s students complete in approximately two years. Post-baccalaureates will take three years to qualify. Please contact the school and request information about their application deadline dates.
  • The University of Cincinnati and their College of Nursing offer a DNP program that creates leaders capable of operating in an extensive healthcare industry. They fulfill leadership roles in advanced practice, healthcare systems, and academic environments. Traditional classroom attendance is required one week each semester with the rest of the coursework studied online. Students complete the program in four semesters of full-time study, or two years. Those studying part-time will take three years to gain their doctorate. Please do not hesitate to obtain application deadline information directly through the school.
  • The DNP program available at Wright State University is offered in partnership with the University of Toledo and their College of Nursing. Graduates have the opportunity to impact nursing practice and the delivery of healthcare while applying nursing knowledge into practical scenarios. This is a part-time program that is studied online. Students complete the required thirty six semester credit hours in four years. New cohorts begin in August each year. December 15th is the deadline date for applications.

DNP Nurse Checklist

Your application must highlight your academic prowess when applying to these programs. Space is limited and students are accepted according to suitability. An outstanding record of high grades during your entire educational history is imperative, and this is particularly true throughout graduate coursework. Completion of your Master’s is not negotiable, but it is possible to enter the doctorate through the available bridge programs. Deadlines are strict and applications must not arrive late. Prospective students are extremely competitive in order to secure a place in these programs and you should contact each school directly to ensure familiarity with their procedures. There are certain compulsory prerequisites essential for consideration and this is what you will need when applying to a DNP program in Ohio:

  • Completed BSN and MSN degrees are compulsory. Provide proof of the accreditation of the schools where you acquired them.
  • A C grade, but preferably better, must have been achieved on completed core courses in nursing theory, statistics and research at the graduate level. They may not be older than five years.
  • Professional experts that are able to attest to your academic capabilities must be sourced for three letters of reference. Examples of acceptable individuals are doctors, supervisors, nursing colleagues and previous academic advisors.
  • A registered nursing license is of paramount importance and a copy must be submitted. You should be allowed to practice as an Advanced Specialty Nurse in Ohio without being restricted in any way.
  • Prove your creative writing skills with scholarly papers or examples of written work.
  • Be prepared to undergo a full criminal and background check, as well as provide your latest health checkup and vaccination records.
  • Evidence must be provided for all the clinical hours that you have accumulated through your specialized practice experiences and graduate coursework.
  • A full history of your academic, professional and voluntary experiences must be detailed in your final resume. Include all accomplishments in these disciplines as well.
  • Official transcripts from all post-secondary academic institutions attended must be requested and sent to the school.
  • A detailed but concise essay must be written explaining your motivations. Be clear about your professional ambitions and your need for this doctoral degree.
  • When the school requests a personal interview, grant it without hesitation. This is a formal invite that should be attended in a timely fashion and without other time commitments.
  • 3.0 are the minimum cumulative overall Grade Point Average scores allowed on a scale of 4.0. Depending on the school, this requirement may actually be 3.5.