Schools with BSN Programs in Wyoming

At the University of Wyoming School of Nursing, men and women can take part in the basic BSN program, which accepts 48 new nursing students each fall. The program is a 120 credit hour program, which prepares students to become registered nurses within four years. It also provides a fantastic foundation for those who want to continue their education to earn an MSN. In addition to the basic program, this school offers the Bachelor’s Reach for Accelerated Nursing Degree (BRAND) program for students who have a Bachelor’s degree in another field.

Wyoming BSN Checklist:

  • Enroll in the University of Wyoming’s accredited BSN program and finish all pre-requisites and nursing core courses.
  • Pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) in the state of Wyoming.
  • Apply for your RN license through the Wyoming Board of Nursing and pay the appropriate fees ($130 application fee, $60 background check fee).
  • Maintain your license by renewing it before December 31st of every EVEN year.

Wyoming Salary & Job Outlook

Job candidates in the state of Wyoming who have a BSN degree will often be selected over those who do not. Though many different things can affect the actual salary of someone holding a BSN degree, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the annual median salary of registered nurses in the state of Wyoming as $61,480.