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10 Signs That You Were Born to Become a Nurse

By #EveryNurse

Nursing is a tough but rewarding career. It pays well and carries the promise of career growth, but it isn’t for everyone. Do you have what it takes to be a great nurse? Review these 10 signs to find out.

1. You have a caring personality.

Do you frequently ask your friends and coworkers if they are feeling OK? When you travel with friends and family, do you pack Band-aids and snacks for everyone? If someone gets hurt, do you feel an unwavering desire to help him or her? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you care about others. You worry about their well-being and comfort. This is an essential trait for any nurse since the job revolves around helping and caring for others.

2. Blood doesn’t freak you out.

Many people get squeamish at the sight of blood, sometimes even if it’s their own. But not you. For you, blood is just part of life and nothing more; in fact, if anything, blood fascinates you. If this sounds like you, then it’s another sign that nursing may be the right career choice. Nurses, especially those who work in emergency rooms or surgical facilities, are exposed to a lot of blood.

3. The smallest details don’t escape you.

You prefer an orderly arrangement in everything, and while others can just let a chore or task go, you must do it to perfection. Whether it’s washing dishes, organizing your nightstand or preparing an assignment, details are of great importance to you. This is another sign that you could one day make a great nurse. Depending on the specialty, nurses may administer medication, take vitals, and interview patients. Paying close attention to the smallest details can mean life or death in a medical environment, so being detail-oriented is a must-have skill for nurses.

4. Multi-tasking is fun for you.

You probably have multiple tabs and files open on your computer at this very moment. While others may like to do one task a time, you get bored if you don’t have 10 things going on at once. Because nurses typically have a number of patients at once and often respond to emergencies, they must be able to multi-task.

5. You have a never-ending supply of energy.

Are you always on the go and ready to do more? Nurses often work long or even double shifts. They may be called to work at any time of the day or night. And they must be sharp and alert at all times during their shift to ensure they are providing their patients with the best quality care, so having a lot of energy is extremely important.

6. You can sleep anywhere.

Even super-energetic people have to recharge occasionally. If you are the type of person who can curl up on the bus, the couch, the floor ‒ or anywhere, really ‒ and fall asleep – then you are one step ahead when it comes to a nursing career.

7. You never know what to wear.

If you don’t like having to decide what to wear every day, this too might be a sign that you should be a nurse. Instead of spending hours choosing an outfit every day, as a nurse, you can simply throw on some scrubs, and voilà! You are ready to go.

8. People like you.

Are you the type of person who feels at ease around others and find people are often drawn to you? That magnetic personality is yet another sign you would make a great nurse. Taking care of patients is hard work and requires establishing a relationship with them easily and from the start. So, if you are naturally likable, the job is easier for you.

9. You are calm, maybe even too calm.

While your family might sometimes think you come across as cold because you don’t react intensely to extreme situations, it’s a sign that you were born to be a nurse. Nurses experience plenty of high-stress and extreme situations during their day-to-day activities, so the ability to remain calm and emotionally mature and work well under pressure is an asset.

10. You have good balance.

Can you stand on one foot, lift your leg, point your hand in the other direction, and not fall? Just kidding… Another sign that you would make a wonderful nurse is that you are able to achieve balance in your life. Nursing can be a stressful career that requires you to give it your all every day. There is no such thing as slacking off at work when you are a nurse, since you are, quite literally, helping to save lives. But you also need to be able to relax and take time for yourself to avoid burn-out.