Schools with PhD Programs in New York

  1. The College of Nursing and Public Health at Adelphi University has a PhD program on offer. Students graduate as researchers with an emphasis on healthcare outcomes and nursing education. Available both full-time and part-time, classes are held onsite once a week in a seminar format. This is a two or three year program, depending on your choice of study plan. Cohorts begin annually in the Fall semester and the deadline for applications is January 15th.

  2. A PhD program is available at Columbia University and their School of Nursing. Students gain an understanding of the philosophy and theory of nursing science and they are prepared for careers as nursing scholars. They are trained for leadership roles in independent and team research. This is a full-time fixed curriculum that is delivered in a hybrid format. Students must complete a minimum of forty seven semester credits and usually achieve this in four or five years. For enquiries into their deadlines for applications, kindly contact the school personally.

  3. Molloy College offers a PhD program that focuses on the preparation of scholars for roles in research, inquiry and innovative development of healthcare outcomes. Knowledge is accrued in nursing, health policy and leadership. Students interact with faculty in face-to-face classes and complete some assignments online. Students typically complete the program in approximately four or five years. Please contact the school to obtain information about their deadline dates for applications.

  4. New York University offers a PhD program designed to prepare students for positions as nursing scientists specializing in research inquiry and theory development. Graduates acquire a strong foundation in academics, leadership and health systems. Full-time and part-time study plans are available and this is a traditional program that requires campus attendance. Four years is the average time it takes full-time students to graduate. Part-time scholars will finish in around six years. Seven years is the maximum timeframe in which the degree requirements must be completed. January 15th is the final deadline for applications relating to the annual Fall start term. Thereafter, applications are reviewed according to available space.

  5. A DNS program is offered by The Sage Colleges and the School of Health Sciences. Doctoral prepared nursing scientists fulfill important positions in education and leadership. They focus on improving all healthcare and academic outcomes. Three weekends of onsite attendance are required each semester, with the rest of the courses utilizing online technology for delivery. Students take six or seven credit hours per semester and complete the program in three years. February 1st is the deadline date for delivery of completed application packets.

  6. The State University of New York in Binghamton offers a PhD program through their Decker school of Nursing. The goal is to prepare students for roles in scholarship and research, equipping them with the knowledge to improve all health care deliverables for vulnerable populations. A hybrid format of curriculum delivery includes onsite attendance and web-enhanced technologies. Students typically take three years to complete the program full-time, but four or five years may be required if opting for a part-time plan of study. For details regarding their final application deadline dates, please enquire from the school.

  7. The PhD program at The State University of New York at Buffalo is available through their School of Nursing. Graduates are employed in leadership positions as academicians and nurse scientists. They are adept at hypothesis testing, development of knowledge and are able to generate innovative theories. Classes are held twice a week on the campus, with onsite technology used for assignments. There is a seven year time limit for students to complete their degree. Full-time students usually achieve this in four years, while part-time students can take five or six years. May 1st is the final deadline for Fall admissions. Spring admissions close on December 1st.

  8. The School of Nursing offers a PhD program at the University of Rochester. The focus is on health practice research for those with a desire to become leaders within healthcare and educational environments. An individual study plan is arranged with an academic advisor and classes are held primarily onsite, with some courses using online components. Full-time students are able to finish the program in four years. Part-time students will take upwards of five years to obtain their degree. For information about their latest application deadlines, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

PhD Nurse Checklist

It is important that you adhere to the strict requirements of the schools to which you are applying. Different application procedures and deadline dates are in place and must be strictly adhered to. Each school has their own admissions policy that you should be familiar with. We advise contacting each school to obtain this information before sending your applications. There is limited space in these programs and acceptance relies on competitive academic scores. All graduate coursework must have been completed before you will be eligible for consideration, and this applies to students that have entered bridge programs as well. Ownership of several prerequisites is not negotiable and we have compiled a list of what you will need when applying to a PhD program in New York:

  • All previous post-secondary universities or colleges that you have attended must provide the school with official transcripts for you.
  • Evidence of your creative writing skills must be provided, usually in the form of scholarly papers.
  • Specific core courses in nursing theory, research and statistics will have been completed during graduate study. These may not be older than five years and should have been passed with at least a grade of C, or better.
  • All clinical hours accumulated during your Master’s coursework and professional experiences must be proven.
  • Evidence relating to the accreditation of the programs where you completed your MSN and BSN degrees is required.
  • An essay will need to be written about your need to complete doctoral studies. Be clear about your professional ambitions and how the program is an integral aspect of your career aspirations.
  • Your latest medical checkup results should be submitted, along with proof of specific vaccinations being effective. A criminal check will be conducted by the school and they are likely to delve into your background.
  • Make sure that you accept the formal invitation from the school for a personal interview. Do not be late or have pressing commitments that will require you to leave before the interview is complete.
  • You must be registered as an Advanced Specialty Nurse with licensure that allows unrestricted practice in New York.
  • An accumulated Grade Point Average score of 3.5 is required on a scale of 4.0. Depending on the school, you may still be eligible with a score of no less than 3.0.
  • All academic pursuits, clinical experiences and voluntary work must be included in your Curriculum Vitae. Your achievements should also be detailed.
  • The school will request three letters of reference that speak of your ability to successfully complete your doctorate. Ensure that they are from figures of authority in your professional career; such as doctors, employers, academic mentors, supervisors and nursing colleagues.