Schools with MSN Programs in Washington

  • Gonganza University, located in Spokane, Washington, offers up three different MSN programs. The RN to MSN program helps RNs obtain their MSN degrees, the regular MSN program and the 2nd Master’s Degree in nursing program. The MSN program offers four different tracks of specialization, including the family nurse practitioner track (44 required credits), the family psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner (47 required credits), the nurse educator (36 required credits), and the health systems leadership track (36 required credits).
  • Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma offers the MSN program as well as the RN-B to MSN program for non-baccalaureate nurses to pursue their MSN. Individuals in the MSN program can choose from three different options, including the MSN Care and Outcomes Manager, the Family Nurse Practitioner Program and the MSN/MBA dual degree program. The programs last from 15 to 36 months and tuition is estimated to be about $33,990 but can differ depending upon the specific program and track chosen.
  • Seattle University’s College of Nursing provides an MSN program with two graduate options, including the primary care nurse practitioner track and the advanced practice nursing immersion track. This gives individuals the option of specializing as a family nurse practitioner, adult/gerontological nurse practitioner, a nurse midwife or family psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner. The tuition is approximately $626 per credit, not including book costs.
  • University of Washington’s School of Nursing offers a 2-6 year MSN degree with several areas of study. Tuition is dependent upon those areas of study. For instance, the adult nurse practitioner track is $660 per credit, while the clinical informatics and patient-centered technologies track is $573 per credit. The neonatal clinical nurse specialist track is $660 per credit, nurse midwifery is $660 per credit and perinatal nurse specialist is $660 per credit.

Washington MSN Checklist

  • Be currently registered as an RN in Washington.
  • Pass the NCLEX exam.
  • Pursue the MSN degree from one of the accredited Washington Schools.
  • Apply for the APRN license from the Washington Board of Nursing within 1 year of graduating the MSN program (include the $92 fee).

Washington Salary & Job Outlook

There are a variety of occupations available for those seeking their MSN; most schools have several tracks that these students can specialize in. Therefore, the salary for someone holding an MSN can vary greatly depending upon their specific title. A few different titles available for these individuals include nurse practitioner, nurse anesthetist, and nurse midwife.

Others may go into administration or education. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the annual median salary as of May 2012 for nurse practitioners was $95,260. Nurse midwives earned $103,460 (annual median salary), while nurse anesthetists earned $170,330. These professionals may have higher or lower pay depending upon their location within the state of Washington as well as their experience.