Schools with MSN Programs in Rhode Island

  • The School of Nurse Anesthesia offers a comprehensive MSN program through the Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island. Accredited by AANA and CANAEP, students will graduate with a Masters degree in Biological Sciences and Anesthesia. The program is only available full-time and consists of core theory and clinical components. It will take a total of 29 months to complete the program. The deadline for all materials to be submitted with your application is September 30th of every year.
  • Rhode Island College and the School of Nursing join forces to offer BSN graduates the opportunity of obtaining their MSN. Two options for specialization are available and students prepare for roles as Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioners or Public Health Community Leaders. If studying full-time, the program can be completed in four semesters. Part-time students can expect to obtain their degree after six semesters. Ensure all application materials are submitted well before February 15th to be considered for entry into the Fall term.
  • The School of Anesthesia for Nurses at St. Joseph Hospital has a MSN program available that is accredited by both CANAEP and AANA. The first eight months are spent on campus and the last nineteen consist of clinical practice at the hospital. There is no option for students to study part-time and full-time attendance is compulsory. It will take a full twenty eight months for students to complete this program. Only ten applications are accepted into the program each year. Submit your application well before February 15th for potential admission.
  • The College of Nursing at the University of Rhode Island offers six specialty tracks in their CCNE accredited MSN program. There are options to study according to a part-time schedule for those working professional hours. While some concentrations are available in an online format, others require onsite attendance. Between 41 and 42 semester credits need to be completed in order to finish the program. This will take upwards of two years to do. For admission into the Spring start term, submit applications before October 15th. February 15th is the final deadline date for Fall start applications.

Rhode Island MSN Checklist

There are certain prerequisites required by all the schools. The program is rigorous and admission is competitive. Only the most suitable candidates are accepted into these programs and a record of ambitious study is essential. There are provisional conditions for acceptance, as well as bridge programs available. Contact each school directly to find out what their process consists of. Adhere to their deadline dates and applications procedure. To be eligible for potential admission into a MSN program in Rhode Island, you will need the following materials and prerequisites:

  • A Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree must have successfully been completed at an accredited college or university.
  • All post-secondary schools attended will need to submit official transcripts.
  • You must be immunized against certain diseases as required by the school. Submit evidence of this with the results of a recent full health check.
  • Write a Personal Goal Statement in essay form. This must explain your personal and career ambitions, reasons for undergoing graduate studies and how completion of the program will ensure these goals are met.
  • Your overall GPA scores should be no less than 3.0 on a scale of 4.0. Some schools may be willing to compromise if your score is no lower than 2.5 and you meet all other criteria.
  • Undergraduate courses in statistics, research and healthcare assessment must have been completed with a minimum grade of C, preferably higher.
  • You must meet all the Personal Standards that the school requires.
  • Current licensure to practice as a registered nurse in Rhode Island must be unencumbered.
  • Submit your current resume. Ensure that all your experience and achievements are highlighted relating to your academic, professional and voluntary history.
  • You must have acquired at least one year of experience as a working nurse. Some schools may prefer this to be a minimum of two years.
  • It may be required for you to present your scores from the GRE and MAT tests if you do not meet the criteria for a waiver of this.
  • At least three recommendation letters need to be submitted. These must be from academic, professional and voluntary authorities.

Rhode Island Salary & Job Outlook

There is a gaping need for advanced patient care in your community. It is advisable that you acquire the qualifications to provide it. These skills will ensure you are employed in an enviable position within a year of graduating. Many students are even employed in their chosen specialty before they have completed their Masters degree. You will be in high demand and enjoy the personal and financial rewards of your expertise, as will those in your community that are in desperate need of it.