LPN Programs in New Mexico

From taking vital signs of school children to bathing a patient at a nursing home, the licensed practical nurse is a healthcare position employed in many different work environments. However, before an individual qualifies for this position, he or she must apply to and complete an LPN program in New Mexico to seek employment within the state. Upon graduation, a student can then take the NCLEX-PN to gain licensure, and immediately apply for jobs at local hospitals, health clinics, and doctor offices.

Schools with LPN Programs in New Mexico

Finding an LPN Program

There are many different LPN programs to choose from. Though some people prefer campus based programs, the online option has become increasingly popular, especially in the nursing industry. See a Complete List of LPN Programs...

  • In order to receive a certificate in Practical Nursing from Luna Community College (LCC), a student must complete a minimum of 45 credit hours. The curriculum begins with a General Education core, which consists of Freshman Composition, Human Anatomy & Physiology, and Introduction to Psychology. When a student at LCC starts taking the program requirement courses to become a PN, coursework will center on concepts of Family Nursing; Therapeutic Communication; Common Health Problems; and Introduction to Nursing/Wellness. Related studies in the program include Medical Terminology, Nutrition, and Developmental Life Span.
  • Dona Ana Community College offers a certificate program for aspiring LPNs who wish to seek immediate employment instead of completing the Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) program. To earn a PN certificate, students complete the first two semesters of the ADN program, followed by a 6-credit Maternal/Child Nursing course. Some of the coursework that LPN students encounter include Human Anatomy, Human Nutrition, and Intro to Microbiology. A graduate needs to complete 56-58 credits of study before graduation which includes 27 to 35 semester credit hours of pre-requisite course work that needs to be finished prior to program entry.
  • Students attending New Mexico State University at Carlsbad work towards earning a Certificate in Practical Nursing through its career mobility format. Students who wish to exit out of the nursing program at the school can begin immediately working as an LPN once he or she has gained licensure. The University has an application deadline of May 15. The curriculum is comprised of nursing program pre-requisites, Core Curriculum requirements, and Nursing Program requirements, such as Basic Nursing Theory and Practice, and Medical Dosage and Calculations. The nursing program at NMSU Carlsbad is approved by the New Mexico Board of Nursing.
  • Upon successful completion of pre-requisites and first year nursing courses (level I), LPN students taking classes at Northern New Mexico College can opt to take two additional courses NURS 116L (Intro to Maternal/Child Nursing Clinical) and NURS 119 (Role Transition-PN) to receive a Practical Nurse Certificate. Approved by the State of New Mexico Board of Nursing, the curriculum for the College’s program includes 48 credits of coursework that touches upon learning health assessment, nutrition, pharmacology, and medical surgical nursing.
  • Vista College offers a Practical Nursing program for people living in the Las Cruces, New Mexico region. Through a combination of classroom and laboratory work, students encounter hands-on learning that includes real-life experiences regarding pharmacology, health science, child health nursing, and professional development.
  • Anamarc College offers a Practical Nurse Program at three different campus locations with one located in Santa Teresa, New Mexico. With part-time and full-time learning options, a student typically completes the program in 16-20 months. In the end, graduates will have received 63 semester credit hours of instruction, and are then eligibility to write the NCLEX-PN examination. The entire curriculum at Anamarc consists of:  Anatomy & Physiology, Pharmacology & Math and Drug Dosage; Mental Health – Semester 1, Fundamentals, and Fundamentals Practicum – Semester 2, Family Nursing , and Family Nursing Practicum – Semester 3, Adult Nursing, and Adult Nursing Practicum – Semester 4. Trained to accept job offers at long term, acute care and outpatient care settings, graduates of the program are equipped with the skills and knowledge regarding body systems, growth and development, client care assessment, nursing procedures, medication administration, and nursing standards.

New Mexico LPN Checklist

  • Apply to a state-approved educational program for LPNs, which typically takes one year to complete.
  • After getting a diploma or certificate in Practical Nursing, pass the National Council Licensure Examination-Practical Nurse (NCLEX-PN) exam in New Mexico.
  • Gain licensure as an LPN by submitting an application to the New Mexico Board of Nursing, and paying the initial ~$110 fee.
  • Renew LPN license every two years.
  • Fulfill continuing education requirements for the state of New Mexico by completing 30 hours of approved CE within the 24 months preceding an expired license.

Salary Data

After finishing an LPN program and gaining licensure as a practical nurse, graduates face a wide range of job opportunities in hospitals, physician offices, and nursing homes. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports the median salary for entry-level licensed practical nurses working in the state of New Mexico as $46,990. While increases in salary generally come with years of experience, those who take on more of a supervisory position can also make more money within the field.