Featured DNP Programs (RN Required)

  • The Kirkhoff College of Nursing at Grand Valley State University offers a DNP program for those seeking a terminal degree in Advanced Nursing Practice or health systems leadership. Courses are delivered in various formats to accommodate working professionals. Customized study plans are available as well. Most students complete the degree requirements in two or three years, but this will depend on how many semester credits are transferred and the plan of study chosen. February 1st is the annual deadline date for application materials to be received by the school.
  • Students graduating from the DNP program offered by Madonna University function as clinical healthcare leaders. They are responsible for quality maximization, cost reduction, and access to health services. Accredited by CCNE, a combination of online modules and traditional classroom teachings are used. There are options for part-time study. Full-time students typically complete the program in two full calendar years. Please contact the school to inquire about their deadline dates for applications.
  • Michigan State University and their College of Nursing offer a DNP program that provides society with clinical, organizational, and systems leadership experts. Onsite intensives occur at the beginning of each semester and involve traditional classroom learning. The rest of the courses are available to students online. There is a fixed part-time plan of study, as well as a full-time one. It is recommended that working professionals choose the part-time option which involves three years of study. Full-time students are able to obtain their degree in two years. May 1st is the final deadline date for all applications.
  • Oakland University has a DNP program available through their School of Nursing. Nurse Leaders are prepared for a variety of important functions in advanced clinical practice and education. This is a set curriculum for part-time students to manage comfortably, and classes are held both online and on campus. The program consists of thirty-eight semester credit hours that students complete in three years. Please do not hesitate to inquire about their application deadline dates from the school.
  • The highest level of competence in clinical nursing is the goal of the McAuley School of Nursing DNP program at the University of Detroit – Mercy. Students develop skills that allow them to effectively assimilate and use scientific knowledge to optimize health care. The program is accredited by CCNE and is available full-time and part-time. While online learning forms part of course delivery, classes are attended onsite. Full-time students will complete the degree requirements in four semesters. Six semesters of study will allow part-time students to obtain their degree. We advise contacting the school to acquire information about their latest application deadline dates.
  • The School of Nursing at the University of Michigan offers an excellent DNP program. The focus is on turning clinicians into experts of advanced practice and leadership. There is a strong emphasis on techniques for translation of evidence-based practices. Blended with web-based courses and onsite teaching, the program has options for students wishing to study either full-time or part-time. The curriculum schedule consists of two years for full-time students and three years for those studying part-time. Applications must be submitted before November 3rd to begin in January. To begin in the Fall term, completed applications must be delivered before April 13th.
  • The DNP program offered by the University of Michigan at Flint is designed for the preparation of future clinical leaders. Students qualify as assessors and managers of a variety of health-related problems in their chosen specialties. This is an online program for post-master's students and is available in a fixed curriculum of part-time study. A minimum of eighty-semester credits are required, many of which may be transferred from graduate coursework. This is a four-year program. Those without their MSN should submit their applications before March 1st each year. If applying for the post-master's option then the final deadline date is July 1st.
  • Wayne State University offers a DNP program through their College of Nursing. Students improve their leadership capacities as educators and clinical leaders. They learn how to use scientific data to create better healthcare outcomes. The program is accredited by CCNE and available study plans accommodate working professionals. Full-time students with a completed Master’s degree will take two and a half years to complete the program. Those studying part-time will take three and a half years. Those without their MSN must study full-time for four years. Application information must be obtained directly from the school.

DNP Nurse Checklist

You will need an academic history of exceptional grades and scholarly dedication. Before you apply to these programs, we recommend contacting each school individually. It is imperative that you are fully aware of their exact requirements and procedures. Only a select few students are admitted into these cohorts every year as there is a limit of available space. Competition is rife and schools have strict policies in place. You may apply to the offered bridge programs if you do not meet all of the criteria, but all coursework for the graduate degree will still need to be completed with high test scores. Ensure all documentation required for your application is delivered in full and do not miss the deadline dates. This is what you will need when applying to a DNP program in Michigan:

  • All three required letters of reference must be from relevant sources with authority on your ability to be a successful doctoral student. Employers, professional colleagues, physicians, and academic advisors are acceptable sources.
  • Your creative writing must be provided in the form of written work or scholarly papers.
  • Write a short but detailed essay about your career objectives and reasons for pursuing a doctoral degree. Explain the importance of these qualifications in your professional goals and how it will benefit others.
  • The clinical hours you worked as a graduate student must be proven and evidence submitted of those worked as an Advanced Specialty Nurse.
  • Ensure your submitted resume reflects your entire academic history, professional experiences, and voluntary work. Add all of your accomplishments in these fields.
  • You are eligible for the doctorate if you have an overall Grade Point Average of at least 3.0, or in some cases, 3.5 on a scale of 4.0.
  • A C grade (preferably better) should have been obtained on graduate courses in research, statistics, and nursing theory. This may not be older than five years.
  • Your Advanced Nurse Practitioner license must prove that you are a registered nurse with the freedom to practice unhindered in Michigan.
  • Each school that you studied at since graduating from high school will need to provide you with official transcripts.
  • A formal personal interview with the school is compulsory and we advise attending promptly without any time limitations.
  • The results of a full medical checkup may be necessary, but vaccinations against certain diseases are compulsory. Be aware that a criminal and background check will be done by the school.
  • Proof is required of your completed BSN and MSN degrees and it must show they were acquired from accredited programs.