Finding a PhD Nursing Program  in New Mexico

Nurses with a desire to pursue intellectual non-clinical careers are advised to study for their PhD. This is a research-focused terminal degree that creates leaders responsible for nursing science. Their job involves using cutting-edge technology to discover new ways to improve all health care outcomes and their research is translated into physical practices. Growth does not occur without information and graduates of these programs have the skills to acquire this knowledge. Regardless of which nursing discipline you choose, there are multitudes of subjects that require in-depth research. Educational growth, academic curriculums, systems development, health policies, advanced nursing practices, pharmaceuticals and all aspects of disease control; including prevention, management and effective treatment. These are only some examples of what you can do with these qualifications. We have done the research for you and several reputable schools have online degrees available; but there are currently two schools offering PhD programs in New Mexico.

Schools with PhD Nursing Programs in New Mexico

Finding a PHD Nursing Program

There are a few different PHD programs to choose from. Though some people prefer campus based programs, the online option has become increasingly popular, especially in the nursing industry. See a Complete List of PHD Programs...

  • The PhD program offered by New Mexico State University and their School of Nursing provides intense preparation for nurses interested in scholarly careers. Scientific knowledge is developed with an emphasis on the array of health care needs of diverse populations. This is an online program that requires one week-long campus visit each year. Students typically complete the program in four or five years (depending on their plan of study), but there is a time limit of seven years for the degree requirements to be completed. The school should be contacted directly for enquiries about their deadline dates for applications.
  • The College of Nursing offers a PhD program at the University of New Mexico. Students are prepared for careers as nurse scientists and scholars of education, health policy and all nursing disciplines. The focus is on vulnerable and underserved populations. Each year students meet on campus for a week-long intensive, but the coursework is all delivered online. The program is designed for part-time study. Most students graduate from the program in four or five years. Enrolment occurs once a year and the final deadline date for applications is November 1st.

New Mexico PhD Nurse Checklist

Applying to these programs is a competitive process. Few spaces are available in these cohorts and prospective students are reviewed according to strict criteria. Excellence at scholarly activities is vital and includes a history of high academic achievement. Graduate studies must have been completed with exceptional grades, regardless of whether you are entering as a post-master’s student or via the offered bridge programs. Certain prerequisites are not negotiable if you are to be an eligible candidate for the doctorate and each school has their own application procedures and admissions policies. We strongly suggest that you contact these schools prior to sending your application. It is imperative that you are familiar with their requirements. We have compiled a list of what you will need when applying to a PhD program in New Mexico:

  • Your career ambitions will be the subject of a required essay. Explain why doctoral graduation is essential to your professional goals and the benefits to society.
  • Only accredited programs are acceptable for your completed BSN and MSN degrees. Provide proof of this.
  • A criminal and background check will be performed by the school. Proof of certain vaccinations is required, along with a recent medical checkup record.
  • On a scale of 4.0, the minimum overall Grade Point Average score accumulated must be at least 3.0 – but in many cases it will need to be 3.5.
  • Your voluntary, professional and academic history must be detailed in your latest resume. Include all achievements and experiences.
  • Nursing professionals such as supervisors, employers, physicians, academic tutors or working colleagues must provide you with a total of three recommendation letters.
  • All clinical hours worked as a professional Nurse Practitioner must be proven, as well as those acquired during graduate coursework.
  • Your registered Advanced Specialty Practice licensure must enable you to practice in New Mexico without being hindered by restrictions.
  • Official transcripts must be requested from each school where academic study was pursued since graduating from high school.
  • Attendance at a formal personal interview will be required. It is imperative that you arrive in a timely manner and do not have to leave early for other commitments.
  • Research, nursing theory and statistics courses would have formed part of your graduate studies. They must have been completed with a minimum grade of C or higher. They will need to be studied again if they are older than five years.
  • Scholarly papers or examples of your creative writing skills must be submitted.

PhD graduates are the highest paid members of the nursing industry. Their expertise is greatly sought after because they have one of the most important jobs of them all. Their skills allow them to continually seek improvements that will better health care services across the country. There is great personal satisfaction in being responsible for some of the most essential breakthrough developments in the industry; but there is also guaranteed employment, career freedom, various job offers to choose from, leadership opportunities and more.