Finding a PhD Nursing Program in Minnesota

If your career ambitions involve leadership positions with the authority to find scientific evidence that can be used to improve the quality of health care services, then the PhD degree is essential. Once completed, your qualifications will enable to you to conduct research into any nursing specialty you choose. The industry is in need of adaptations that will enable access to quality health care for everyone. All the latest developments need to be included in academic curriculums, information systems must cope with the influx of patients, advanced practice must include medical breakthroughs, health policies need to benefit all parties and the discovery of new treatments, disease diagnosis and management is also imperative. This is the responsibility of doctorates of philosophy and we have done the research for you. We have compiled a list of all the schools offering PhD programs in Minnesota.

Schools with PhD Nursing Programs in Minnesota

Finding a PHD Nursing Program

There are a few different PHD programs to choose from. Though some people prefer campus based programs, the online option has become increasingly popular, especially in the nursing industry. See a Complete List of PHD Programs...

  • The PhD program available at Capella University is for those wishing to earn doctoral degrees that allow them to scientifically research the improvement of nursing education. Offered completely online, students plan a course of study that fits into their careers. This is a flexible program that can be completed in between four and five years. Some students may take longer if necessary. Contact the school directly and enquire about their deadline dates for applications.
  • The University of Minnesota offers a CCNE accredited PhD program through their School of Nursing. It prepares students for leadership roles in education and the advancement of nursing science through dedicated research. Classes are held onsite within a vibrant academic community and online course delivery is also used. It will take a little over three years for full-time students to complete this program. The degree requirements take part-time students between four and six years. Application deadline dates change on a yearly schedule. Please obtain the latest information from the school.

Minnesota PhD Nurse Checklist

You should apply to the bridge programs available if you have not yet entered your MSN. It is essential that the coursework for this degree is complete prior to the doctorate. When applying to these programs, it is wise to understand how competitive prospective students are. There is a limit of available space and schools have strict requirements. Know the deadline dates and adhere to them. Include all requested documentation in full. Several prerequisites are not negotiable and you will need to obtain these qualifications before you will be considered. This is a list of what is required when applying to a PhD program in Minnesota:

  • All post-secondary universities or colleges that you have ever studied at must provide official transcripts for you.
  • All clinical hours worked as an Advanced Practice Nurse and as a graduate scholar must be proven.
  • Licensure to practice as a registered Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Minnesota is essential. It must be current and unrestricted in any way.
  • A total of three letters of reference are needed from authoritative figures such as academic mentors, employers, colleagues and medical physicians.
  • On a scale of 4.0, the minimum overall Grade Point Average acceptable is 3.0 or 3.5. This will depend on the school.
  • Only programs will full accreditation must be responsible for your completed baccalaureate and graduate degrees.
  • Scholarly papers usually suffice for the creative writing examples that the school will require.
  • Provide your latest Curriculum Vitae with all accomplishments and experiences included relating to your voluntary, professional and academic careers.
  • Your Personal Goal Statement should take the form of a well written essay that describes your professional aspirations in detail. Your reasons for pursuing a doctoral education must be clear in relation to these objectives.
  • Vaccinations preventing certain diseases are not negotiable. You must undergo a thorough health check and submit the results. Prepare for a complete background check to be performed.
  • A formal request to attend a personal interview will be forthcoming. Be prompt and do not have pressing appointments directly afterwards.
  • Completed courses in nursing theory, research and statistics are imperative. At least a C grade must have been achieved in the last five years.

While PhD graduates enjoy exaggerated salaries, gainful employment, multitudes of job offers and career freedom; the main advantage is their ability to truly make an insightful impact. Their research enables scientific data to be integrated into all aspects of the nursing industry; thereby improving the advanced care that patients receive. Regardless of your chosen specialty, you will have the opportunity to lead others into the future of nursing and ensure that millions of people nationwide benefit from optimal health.