Finding a PhD Nursing Program in Colorado

If your interest lies in becoming a scientist responsible for research and development of all aspects relating to health care, then a PhD degree in nursing is recommended for you. There are endless requirements in the nursing industry that are in need of continual improvement; whether you decide to obtain scientific results about diseases, pharmaceuticals, health care policies, population dynamics, aging, birth or anything else. Those with these qualifications are discovering and reviewing scientific results in order to better the quality of health care delivery. The research has been done for you already and these are the schools that offer PhD programs in Colorado.

Schools with PhD Nursing Programs in Colorado

Finding a PHD Nursing Program

There are a few different PHD programs to choose from. Though some people prefer campus based programs, the online option has become increasingly popular, especially in the nursing industry. See a Complete List of PHD Programs...

  • The University of Colorado in Denver has a DNP program at their College of Nursing. The degree is ideal for those wanting the highest level of training for careers in scientific research, scholarly pursuits, education, administration or analysts of health care policies. Taught using both online and intensive formats, courses are totally accessible via distance learning. This is a 72 semester credit program that will take three years to complete. Applications close annually on the first Monday of March.
  • The School of Nursing has a PhD program available at the University of Northern Colorado. This is an online program that places emphasis on preparing future nurse educators for leadership, advanced practice and research implementation. A student can choose whether to study on a full-time or part-time basis, but part-time is recommended. The program is designed for completion within four years. To be eligible for acceptance into the Fall start date, ensure applications are finalized and submitted before January 31st.

Colorado PhD Nurse Checklist

The admissions process for these programs consists of strong competition. With space being limited, schools are selective about those they accept. Their primary concern is in academics and clinical experiences. All coursework completed throughout the graduate and undergraduate levels must evidence a history of high achievement. If these degrees have not yet been obtained, it is advisable for you to apply to a bridge program and maintain the necessary grades required for the doctoral degree. These schools will require certain prerequisites be met when sending applications. This is what you will need when applying to a PhD program in Colorado:

  • A registered nursing licensure is essential and it must allow you to practice unencumbered in the state of Colorado.
  • A full medical and background check is inevitable. You must provide proof of vaccinations against certain diseases.
  • The school will ask for scholarly papers or evidence of creative written work.
  • All the clinical hours that you completed as a graduate student must be proven by the school where the degree was obtained.
  • Three letters of recommendation from nursing peers, academic faculty or employers will be necessary.
  • Copies must be made of all certifications obtained throughout your career as an Advanced Practice Nurse.
  • Official transcripts proving that your BSN and MSN degrees have been completed must be provided by each school attended.
  • You must have undertaken certain courses in the last five years and achieved a minimum grade of C. These include statistics, research and healthcare assessment programs.
  • All professional, voluntary and academic experiences must be detailed in your final resume. Include all accomplishments in these areas.
  • Your Master’s degree must have been obtained at an accredited school or university.
  • A high grade point average score on all graduate coursework is essential. The minimum accepted is 3.0 on a scale of 4.0, but some schools may be more flexible with this requirement.
  • Ensure total availability for an interview with the school and clear all prior commitments.

There are many reasons to pursue doctoral study and the qualifications will ensure your skills are in high demand. You will be extremely well paid for your expertise and employment is guaranteed in your position of choice. While the debate continues about the ability of the nursing industry to provide quality services; your PhD will garner phenomenal respect. These are the people that are optimizing, promoting and protecting the nursing discipline; while enabling it to cope with the massive increase of people needing access to medical care.