Finding a PhD Nursing Program in South Dakota

Obtaining doctoral qualifications enables access to the most incentivizing opportunities in the healthcare industry. The terminal degree in nursing science prepares graduates for leadership positions in research settings. Qualified for the most advanced methods of scientific data extraction, these individuals are also responsible for the improvement of healthcare outcomes nationwide. Able to discover scientific evidence and utilize it to better the quality of care that patients receive, as well as access to it, they have extremely sought after skills. These are leaders of the nursing revolution and command huge respect from entire communities because of their efforts. They are often found educating future nurses, revising health policy, developing information systems, enhancing curriculums, researching diseases, pharmaceuticals and more. We have done considerable research for you. While many online schools have accredited degrees available, there is currently one school offering a PhD program in South Dakota.

School with PhD Nursing Program in South Dakota

Finding a PHD Nursing Program

There are a few different PHD programs to choose from. Though some people prefer campus based programs, the online option has become increasingly popular, especially in the nursing industry. See a Complete List of PHD Programs...

South Dakota State University has a PhD program on offer at their College of Nursing. Nurse scientists are developed for careers as researchers, academic faculty and advanced nurse administrators. The focus is on discovering scientific information that will promote healthcare and prevent diseases in populations struggling with poorly treated health issues. Students attend face-to-face classes once week each month, with the rest of the courses studied online. While students have eight years at their disposal to complete the degree, most do it in four or five years. Options for full-time and part-time study are available. The latest deadline dates for applications are available through the school.

South Dakota PhD Nurse Checklist

When applying for admittance into these programs, do not underestimate the competitiveness of the process. With space being limited, schools only admit a small number of students each year. Reviewing committees choose the most suitable candidates based on their record of academic prowess. High grades are expected, particularly during the course of graduate study. If the MSN has not been completed, bridge programs are available that will allow this to be achieved. Entry into the doctorate will rely on certain scores and each school has their own application procedure and admissions policy. Familiarize yourself with them before submitting your application and be mindful of their strict deadline dates. This is a list of what you will need when applying to a PhD program in South Dakota:

  • On a scale of 4.0, many schools insist on an overall Grade Point Average score of 3.5. Some will still consider those with no less than 3.0.
  • Letters of reference totaling three in number must be provided. Only include those from relevant professional sources such as physicians, supervisors, academic faculty, employers or nursing peers.
  • Your medical record must include a recent full health check and certain immunizations. The school will perform a background check.
  • Your latest Curriculum Vitae must include all the latest experiences and accomplishments in your professional, voluntary and academic careers.
  • Provide samples of your creative written work, such as scholarly papers.
  • You must have obtained at least a C grade (or better) on courses in statistics, research and nursing theory within the last five years.
  • Only nationally accredited programs must have been responsible for your completed baccalaureate and Master’s degrees.
  • Official transcripts from each and every post-secondary academic institution ever attended are required.
  • Proof must be submitted of all clinical hours accrued during your advanced nursing career and graduate studies.
  • A copy of your registered nursing licensure will be required. It must enable unrestricted practice as a Specialized Nurse in South Dakota.
  • An essay will need to be written on your doctoral intentions. Include a clear description of your professional goals and explain how the program is an integral part of these objectives.
  • Timely attendance at a personal interview is critically important. Grant the request of the school when it arrives and clear all appointments that may hinder the time you have available.

Those with PhD qualifications earn the highest salaries available in the industry. Many are offered a variety of lucrative leadership positions prior to even graduating. All of them are employed soon after obtaining their degree and they enjoy flexibility in their careers. With their expertise being in great demand, their skills are refined for healthcare improvement. Millions of people are benefiting from quality patient care as a direct result of doctoral efforts. We advise pursuing the terminal degree in nursing science if your interests include scholarly and academic roles.