Finding a PhD Nursing Program in Nevada

With massive initiatives in place to improve both access to health care and the quality of services that patients receive in urban and underserved populations, there is enormous demand for scientific intellectuals. Those with doctorate qualifications in research and nursing science are sought after for their ability to discover, improve and develop positive health outcomes. Graduates of the PhD have the expertise and they dedicate their lives to finding innovative ways to advance specialized nursing practice and entire health care systems. They study pharmaceuticals, health policies, information technologies, academic curriculums, population health and more; as well as the prevention, control, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. There are hundreds of disciplines that require scientific study and we have done the research for you. While there are various schools across the country with online doctoral degrees available, there is one school offering a PhD program in Nevada.

School with PhD Nursing Program in Nevada

Finding a PHD Nursing Program

There are a few different PHD programs to choose from. Though some people prefer campus based programs, the online option has become increasingly popular, especially in the nursing industry. See a Complete List of PHD Programs...

The School of Nursing at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas offers a PhD program with three leadership tracks for students to choose from. They may specialize as influential nursing educators, advanced clinical practitioners and sustainable health experts. While occasional campus intensives are compulsory, courses are studied online. All tracks consist of sixty two semester credit hours that can be completed in four or five years, depending on your plan of study. To enquire about their latest application deadline dates, please do not hesitate to contact the school directly.

Nevada PhD Nurse Checklist

When applying to any of these programs, it is important that you are mindful of the individual application procedures of each school. Strict deadlines are in place, certain prerequisites must be met and different admissions policies must be familiar to you. We recommend contacting the schools that interest you before submitting your application. Many schools offer bridge programs for post-baccalaureate students but graduate studies must be complete prior to entering the doctorate. A record of academic prowess is essential and certain scores must be maintained throughout your post-secondary academic history. We have compiled a list of what you will need when applying to a PhD program in Nevada:

  • During graduate coursework you will have undertaken courses in statistics, research and nursing theory. These must not be older than five years and you must have obtained a grade of C or higher.
  • Request official transcripts from each and every college or university that you have ever attended.
  • Update your Curriculum Vitae before submitting it to include all academic achievements, professional experiences and voluntary work completed.
  • An essay must be written about your career objectives and your need for a doctoral education. Explain the importance of these qualifications in benefiting others and achieving your ambitions.
  • Three letters of reference may only come from authorities in your professional and academic careers; such as medical doctors, supervisors, employers, tutors or colleagues.
  • Ensure that you have proof of the total number of clinical hours undertaken during your advanced nursing career and Master’s coursework.
  • 3.0 are the minimum overall Grade Point Average scores acceptable. This is on a scale of 4.0 and some schools will insist this requirement be no less than 3.5.
  • A personal interview will be requested by the school. This is a formal invitation that you should attend without time restrictions in your schedule.
  • Be prepared for the school to do a complete background and criminal check. Immunizations are compulsory for specified diseases and must be proven, as well as the results of a full health checkup.
  • A license to practice unhindered in Nevada as a registered Advanced Specialty Nurse is compulsory.
  • Completion of your BSN and MSN degrees is not negotiable and you must prove they were acquired from institutions with full reputable accreditation.
  • Submit your scholarly papers or examples of your creative writing skills.

Besides the immense professional satisfaction of making a positive difference in the health of millions of people nationwide, there are several other advantages to obtaining your PhD. These include the utmost respect of your working colleagues, authoritative leadership skills, the highest salaries in the nursing industry, the choice of multiple job offers, guaranteed employment and the chance to shape your own career path. There is no shortage of opportunities for graduates of these programs and all you need to do is acquire the qualifications that will allow you to benefit from them.