Finding a PhD Nursing Program in Michigan

While there is an exceptional need for advanced practice nurses in the United States, there is an even more important role for those with the right qualifications. If you wish to make a career out of obtaining scientific evidence that involves the improvement of health care services, then the PhD is for you. This level of education will prepare you for essential leadership positions in research. You will be able to specialize in any aspect of the nursing industry and pursue various diseases, pharmaceuticals and more. The control, treatment and diagnosis of diseases are imperative to improve the performance of practicing nurses and there is a strong need for curriculum changes to reflect the latest evidence. It is also vital to revise health policies, information systems and more. The research is already done and these are all the schools offering PhD programs in Michigan.

Schools with PhD Nursing Programs in Michigan

Finding a PHD Nursing Program

There are a few different PHD programs to choose from. Though some people prefer campus based programs, the online option has become increasingly popular, especially in the nursing industry. See a Complete List of PHD Programs...

Michigan State University offers a PhD program through their College of Nursing. Nurses are developed into scientists that conduct cutting-edge research to improve the quality of life. This is a campus program where classes are taught in a traditional classroom environment.  Students typically complete their degree in three or four years. Applicants are accepted on a rolling basis but it is wise to submit before April 1st if you desire full consideration.The University of Michigan and their School of Nursing have a PhD program on offer. It prepares nurse scientists to develop new knowledge that will improve and support advanced nursing practices, with a strong focus on research. The curriculum is taught in a traditional classroom on the campus, but some courses are available in a web format. It will take full-time students four years to complete all the degree requirements, or five years of part-time study. Students are only admitted into the Fall term and their applications must be submitted prior to December 1st of each year.

A PhD program is available at Wayne State University through their College of Nursing. Aspiring scholars and researchers are prepared to fulfill leadership positions and utilize innovative methods to acquire new nursing knowledge. Classes are attended onsite with some courses delivered with online components. This is a five year program for part-time students. The degree requirements are usually completed by full-time students in four years. All applications must be received by the school no later than January 15th every year.

Michigan PhD Nurse Checklist

The published deadline dates of each school are important when applying to these programs. Ensure that all documentation is completed and submitted in good time. There are differing policies in place regarding applications and admissions, which is why we recommend familiarizing yourself with them beforehand. Competition is strong between prospective students and there is not a great deal of space in these cohorts. Bridge programs are offered to those without their MSN, but high grades throughout your Master’s level coursework are imperative for continuation into the doctorate. Several prerequisites are not negotiable and this is list of what is needed when applying to a PhD program in Michigan:

  • You will need to be registered as an Advanced Specialty Nurse and own licensure that enables you to practice in Michigan unhindered.
  • An essay will need to be written extremely well on the subject of your career aspirations. Explain why doctoral education is so important to your goals and be clear about exactly what they are.
  • Provide proof of all clinical hours experienced as a working professional in an advanced practice role. Contact the school where you obtained your Master’s and request proof of the hours completed during graduate studies.
  • Official transcripts will need to be obtained from all colleges and universities that you studied at after high school.
  • Only accredited programs are acceptable for your completed BSN and MSN degrees.
  • Your resume must clearly detail all of your educational, professional and voluntary experiences. Make sure that all achievements in these capacities are also highlighted.
  • Immunizations are not negotiable for specified diseases and the school will require a copy of your medical checkup results. They will also do a full background check on you.
  • Grant the request of the school to attend a formal personal interview. It is important that you do not be late or have other commitments that will rush you.
  • Samples of your creative written work or scholarly papers are necessary.
  • You must have obtained at least a grade of C (or higher) on graduate courses in research, nursing theory and statistics in the last five years.
  • Professional peers, employers, medical physicians and academic advisors are strong sources for your letters of reference. Three will be required.
  • While some schools request your overall Grade Point Average be 3.0, others require a minimum score of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale.

PhD graduates enjoy the luxuries of higher education. This includes the highest salaries in the industry and an employment rate of one hundred percent. Jobs are offered in multitudes and you will be able to choose the one most suited to your needs. Your expertise will be in such demand and entire communities will be indebted to you. The scientific data that is acquired through dedicated research is responsible for the entire evolution of the nursing discipline, and your efforts will garner the respect of all.