Finding a PhD Nursing Program in Delaware

Those with their PhD are the scientists of the nursing industry. They research and develop ways to provide the masses with quality health care; while making vast improvements through promotion, protection and optimization of the nursing discipline with their scientific results. You will be able to specialize in any concentration you choose; making progress in pharmacology, geriatrics, pediatrics, neonatal care, technological systems, education, advanced practices and even disease control – among many others. There are so many advantages to obtaining your doctoral degree and we have done all the necessary research for you. Many schools throughout the United States have online degrees available nationally, but there is currently only one school offering a PhD program in Delaware.

School with PhD Nursing Program in Delaware

Finding a PHD Nursing Program

There are a few different PHD programs to choose from. Though some people prefer campus based programs, the online option has become increasingly popular, especially in the nursing industry. See a Complete List of PHD Programs...

The College of Health Sciences at the University of Delaware has a PhD program available through their School of Nursing. Full-time and part-time study options can be chosen and students develop scientific research careers in education and health care settings.  The program is fifty semester credits in length and a plan of study is designed prior to starting courses. Students have a maximum of seven years in which to complete the degree requirements, but most do it in three or four years. February 1st is the final deadline for application submissions.

Delaware PhD Nurse Checklist

Highly competitive, these programs only admit a select number of suitable candidates. Your application should highlight your academic and clinical achievements, as this is the main focus of the reviewing committees. You will only be eligible for acceptance if you have already acquired your Master’s degree in nursing. If you have yet to do so, then you should apply to the offered bridge programs. These will allow you to complete the necessary prerequisites and guarantee place in the doctoral program (if you maintain the high level of grades required). This is what you will need to provide when applying to a PhD program in Delaware:

  • Your overall GPA score must be at least 3.0 on all graduate and undergraduate coursework completed. This is on a 4.0 scale.
  • The BSN degree must have been obtained from a similarly accredited institution.
  • You must have completed your MSN degree from a college or university with authoritative accreditation.
  • GRE test scores may be required and only apply to those obtained within the last five years.
  • All career goals and educational objectives must be detailed in a written goal statement.
  • Three recommendation letters will need to be submitted. These are only acceptable if from academic authorities, employers or related professional sources.
  • You must have an active registered nurse license to practice unrestricted in Delaware.
  • Ensure all educational and career experiences and achievements are updated before submitting your resume.
  • A graduate course in statistics, research and healthcare assessment must have been acquired with a minimum grade of C.
  • You will need to have yourself vaccinated against specified diseases.
  • All colleges and universities attended must provide the school with official transcripts.
  • The stipulations named in the school’s Personal Standards catalog will need to be met in full.

The benefits of the highest possible education are endless. You will be able to shape the path of your career and specialize in the field you most enjoy. The best salary in the industry is guaranteed, as is gainful employment. There is an enormous need for individuals with the skills and knowledge acquired during the course of doctoral study. You will be able to use them to provide solutions for problems affecting health care delivery.