Is a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Right for You?

Nurses have many opportunities available to them in the healthcare industry. Continual growth, expansion and improvements are occurring at a rapid pace in order to provide quality nursing to an exploding population. The goal is to ensure that all communities have access to health facilities and those qualified to administer the best treatment for a range of health issues. The doctorate of nursing practice is a terminal degree that focuses on leadership in a variety of clinical settings. Graduates are dedicated to improving healthcare outcomes through education, health policy, systems development, specialized practice and more. They are prepared for careers that involve the translation of scientific evidence and integrating it into the nursing profession. We have done extensive research for you.

Featured DNP Programs (RN Required)

Finding a DNP Program

There are many different DNP programs to choose from. Though some people prefer campus based programs, the online option has become increasingly popular, especially in the nursing industry. See a Complete List of DNP Programs...

There are currently no schools offering DNP programs in Wyoming, but there are many online schools that have accredited degrees available.

Wyoming DNP Checklist

An outstanding record of academic achievement is essential when applying to these programs. Certain scores must be maintained throughout graduate coursework (whether already qualified at the Master’s level or completing it through a bridge program). Only a select few are admitted into these cohorts each year as there is a limit of space available. This makes the application process extremely competitive and it is advisable that you are familiar with the requirements of each school you are applying to. Be aware of their deadline dates and submit completed application packets in good time. We have compiled a list of what you will need when applying to a DNP program in Wyoming:

  • Within the last five years, a minimum grade of C (or better) must have been achieved on graduate courses in nursing theory, research and statistics.
  • Completed baccalaureate and graduate degrees are not negotiable and must be proven to have come from nationally accredited programs.
  • Before submitting your resume, ensure that all your latest achievements and experiences are included relating to your academic, voluntary and professional careers.
  • All accumulated clinical hours must be proven from graduate coursework and professional advanced nursing practice.
  • Request official transcripts from every post-secondary university or college responsible for your education.
  • A well written essay on your doctoral motivations is required. Discuss your career objectives in detail and highlight the need for successful completion of the program in order to achieve them.
  • Examples of your creative written work or scholarly papers must be submitted.
  • You will need licensure to practice as a registered Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Wyoming without restrictions.
  • A full background check will be forthcoming and you must prove certain vaccinations are in effect. Provide a record of your medical history.
  • Physicians, nursing peers, supervisors, employers and previous academic faculty members are acceptable professionals for the three letters of recommendation the school will require.
  • Grant the school a personal interview when requested and make sure that you attend in a timely manner. We advise postponing all appointments that may interfere with the interview.
  • The minimum accumulated Grade Point Average score considered is 3.0 on a scale of 4.0. Note that many schools require this to be at least 3.5.

Responsible for the development of the nursing industry through the interpretation of scientific research data, DNP graduates have highly sought after expertise. They are offered a variety of job opportunities and enjoy an employment rate of one hundred percent. Their skills are in such high demand that they earn the highest salaries in their field and they have career options because of their qualifications. Such incentives are only available to graduates of the terminal degree in nursing practice, and it is highly recommended that you pursue your education at this level.