Is a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Right for You?

With the nursing industry undergoing dramatic changes, there are opportunities for nurses with all levels of degrees. Everyone is working together to promote health care outcomes by translating nursing science and improving all aspects of the nursing discipline. They are led by doctoral graduates, and the DNP degree is for those interested in advanced careers involving specialized practice. Prepared for leadership positions in a variety of concentrations, DNP graduates are experts with the skills required to implement these adaptations. Regardless of whether you choose a career in education, systems development, health policy, advanced patient care or something else – your expertise will guarantee numerous opportunities once you graduate. We have done the necessary research, and while there are reputable schools with accredited online programs, these are the schools offering DNP programs in North Dakota.

Featured DNP Programs (RN Required)

Finding a DNP Program

There are many different DNP programs to choose from. Though some people prefer campus based programs, the online option has become increasingly popular, especially in the nursing industry. See a Complete List of DNP Programs...

  • North Dakota State University has a DNP program available that is designed for students wishing to fulfill roles as Family Nurse Practitioners with the highest qualifications. They graduate to provide advanced care to families, communities and individuals. This is a two or three year program, depending on your choice of study plan and whether you are entering at the BSN or MSN level. Please inquire about application deadline information directly from the school.
  • The University of North Dakota and their Department of Nursing join to offer a DNP program. Graduates are the most qualified and educated in their profession, and they are prepared for leadership roles in advanced specialized nursing practice. Courses are available online with options for both part-time and full-time study, but students must visit the campus for one weekend each semester. Students complete the degree requirements in one year of full-time study or two years of part-time course selection. Please contact the Graduate School for information pertaining to their latest applicaton deadline dates.

North Dakota DNP Checklist

Highlighting your professional goals in your application is essential when applying to these programs. Cohorts are small in number and intense competition among students is guaranteed. The reviewing process of applicants relies on rigorous scrutiny, and it is advisable for you to contact each school beforehand to find out what their requirements are. Deadline dates should not be ignored, and your academic scores should reflect dedicated study. Entry pathways to the doctorate include bridge programs for those without their MSN degree. Consideration for the DNP involves completion of all Master’s coursework with stellar scores. We have compiled a list of what is needed when applying to a DNP program in North Dakota:

  • A personal interview will be required with the school. Attend when requested of you and do not have pressing time concerns that will affect the interview.
  • Submit examples of your creative written work or scholarly papers.
  • Core graduate level courses in research, statistics, and nursing theory require completion in the last five years with grades no less than C.
  • Your final resume must include all required information regarding your academic pursuits, clinical experiences, and voluntary nursing missions.
  • The total of clinical hours accumulated during your Advanced Nursing career must be proven, including those acquired as a graduate student.
  • A clear Goal Statement must be written. This essay should explain your career motivations. Your reasons for requiring doctoral qualifications in your professional goals must be clear.
  • The school will perform a thorough criminal and background check, and you should prove excellent health as well. Provide your latest medical checkup results along with evidence of effective immunizations.
  • You will need to request official transcripts to be sent to the school from all post-secondary academic institutions attended.
  • Prove that nationally accredited BSN and MSN programs were responsible for your completed degrees.
  • An accumulative overall Grade Point Average score of at least 3.0 is not negotiable, or 3.5 in the case of some schools. This is on a scale of 4.0.
  • You will need to obtain three professional letters of recommendation that highlight your academic capability. It is important that they come from relevant people such as nursing colleagues, medical doctors, academic supervisors, employers, or managers.
  • Current registered nursing licensure is compulsory and must allow unhindered practice as an Advanced Specialty Nurse in North Dakota.

Advanced Nurse Practitioners with doctorate qualifications are responsible for health care development in all aspects of the industry. Their efforts directly impact the health services that millions of people receive across the country and they improve the quality of care available. This requires immense expertise that guarantees employment through multitudes of job offers. These are the highest paid members of the nursing industry and they enjoy enormous career flexibility. We advise studying this terminal degree if you have any desire to be among them.